Do Americans see themselves superior over other nations?

Asked by: Charliemouse
  • I vote yes because I have to assume

    Since I am not American. I have friends who are American and interact with Americans on online gaming systems on a daily basis and although once they get to know me better they respect me, they don't at first. They greet me with comments like "who the **** is the kid with the British voice" and "where the **** are you from" and "look at this third world country kid" these are only examples but it's the impression I get. So please comment and tell me what you think :)

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  • Not me, but some other Americans are arrogant.

    I am American and while I do like America in general, I also acknowledge its flaws (the education system, equality problems, two opposing political parties that can't get anything done...) and I often envy other countries like the seemingly perfect Scandinavian countries.

    I mostly encounter the extremely patriotic Americans online, who state that "America is the greatest country that has ever existed!!!" or something like that. I hate it, as it just makes Americans look stupid, but there is definitely no shortage of people like that.

    Of course, there is also no shortage of foreigners who think all Americans are stupid gun-loving rednecks, so I guess both sides can be misinformed.

  • The Few Don't Represent the Many

    While there are Americans who do hold to that belief, most do not. Sure, people like to show pride in their country, but that does not mean that we believe that we are inherently better than any other country out there. It is my experience that when people from other countries come here or talk to us, more of a curiosity is developed. However, there are assholes in every country.

    I also know a few Americans who show that pride or attitude as a joke when it is brought into question. So it might give off the wrong vibe if you're not from here.

  • Not really lol

    I don't think we're the most arrogant country on the planet. That might apply more to Britain or Denmark. We're very friendly and down-to-earth people if you give us a chance. We don't go around, at least any more, oppressing other country or conquering them. We've learned from our mistakes. We are superior in many things but we're not arrogant about it.

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