• I don't know...

    How much money American's spend on vacations. That said with the revival of the Middle Class it is possible that there is a preemptive celebratory spirit in America that is, at this moment in time, dangerous for the previously financially unstable. It is entirely possible that the outlook for the short-term is not congruent with the long-term but my guess is that for now it is likely preemptive.

  • No, we do not

    I think that a lot of people do not take vacations every year, and when they do they want to splurge. We save up for a few years for when we go away and it is when we like to indulge more. I think that everything is expensive and that there are all different types of vacations you can take.

  • No, Amercians don't spend enough money on vacations

    No, Americans do not spend too much money on vacations. If anything, they spend too little money on vacations. Americans work more hours than anyone else in the world and are offered very few vacation and time off opportunities when compared with other industrialized countries. Because of this, our stress level is very high and we should be taking more vacations and spending more money to make them as enjoyable as possible.

  • American vacations money

    No I do not think that Americans spend too much on vacations. Vacations are a luxury to splurge on. People need vacations to take a break from reality and the harsh problems of everyday life. If you go on vacation there may be a lot of stuff you want to do and see.

  • We work hard.

    No, Americans do not spend too much money on vacations, because we are the hardest working people on the planet. We get fewer vacation time than any other country. When we do get to take vacations, it's important that we make them memorable, and that means spending some money to have a good time.

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