Do Americans take a more lax approach to family planning than other cultures around the world?

  • Yes they do.

    The average American probably takes a more lax approach to family planning than other cultures in the world do. I think that we are less strict and more likely to allow our kids to do what they want and explore new oppurtunities than other areas. That isn't a bad thing or a good thing, just how we work.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I do not believe Americans take a more lax approach to family planning compared to other cultures around the world. If anything, families in the United States have far reduced the average number of children per family and it has remained that way for years now. Compared to other nations I would say we pay more attention to family planning than others, of course unless you're comparing us to China. We're nothing like that.

  • Population Growth Has Slowed

    At least Americans do have some sense of family planning unlike other developing and uneducated countries. Populations in the Middle East, Asia and Africa are exploding due to those who are ignorant of how, why and when women get pregnant. Instead of waiting for older ages, teenagers get pregnant because life expectancy isn't a good in developed countries. Americans who are educated know more about family planning than three-fourths of the rest of the world because our birth rates have fallen in recent years.

  • No one does

    No, I do not think that this country takes a more lax approach to family planning, but I do not think that any country takes planning out a family as serious as they need to. Teens especially need a lot of help in planning their family when they accidentally get pregnant.

  • Most Cultures Fail on Family Planning

    Unfortunately, individuals from all countries can fail at family planning. Such a problem is not exclusive to the United States, and people from other countries need to realize that. Poor family planning occurs on a regular basis, and individuals need to start spending more time on these issues to avoid problems.

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