Do Americans underestimate the public health risks of obesity?

  • Yes, they do. But, we are fat little puppets.

    Americans are drastically underestimating the health concerns that obesity brings on. But, the problem doesn't lie in the people's hands, it sits right in the hands of government. The FDA, which is driven by the Health Care Industry, is just playing along to what they say. They approve food and drugs that are extremely dangerous, cause cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc. And, it is all fueled by money. When was the last time you saw a real farmers market? It hardly happens anymore, because they want people to go get the #1 from the fast food joint. Hence, people are going to get fat, at the Health Care industries request. These people are killing our citizens.

  • Yes, otherwise less people would be obese.

    Americans do not realize how harmful the obesity epidemic is. There is a lack of understanding of the health problems associated with obesity and an over reliance on quick medical fixes for any health issues. Because obesity stems from freedom of choice it is often not viewed as a severe negative by many Americans, causing them to overlook the high medical costs associated with the condition.

  • Not in general, no.

    I think most people know it's not healthy to be obese. However, many don't want to face the hard work that goes into losing the weight they need to lose. They are afraid of change, or just keep putting it off. I'll do it after the holidays, over the summer, in the new year, after the wedding/party/reunion, etc. It's easier to think about losing weight "someday."

  • Americans Aren't Underestimating It

    Americans are very aware of how important health is and are not underestimating the risks of obesity. There are constant reminders in text and the media about how bad obesity is and how it is getting out of hand in America. The fact is that some do not care or have the self control to keep their weight down.

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