• It is not for real problems.

    Yes, Americans use cosmetic surgery too often because of body image issues, because there are people who look like Barbie Dolls. These people do not have any real need for cosmetic surgery. They should be given mental health care, rather than plastic surgery. This is sadly all too common in the United States.

  • A Problem For Some

    I believe most people who utilize cosmetic surgery are doing so because of body image issues. I believe people do over utilize this service and it shouldn't be allowed. I think doctors who let patients go under the knife for continued body image issues are really allowing the problem to continue by not treating it properly.

  • Yes, Americans use surgery far too often for body image issues.

    Yes, body image issues are too often fixed via surgery while the real root of the issue is ignored. Body image issues stem from how a perosn views themselves and using surgery to modify their bodies doesn't fix the issue. To truly fix the issue a person needs to see themselves as they are and learn to love themselves instead of using surgery to "fix" their bodily issues.

  • Americans- Body Image Problem

    Americans definitely are known for getting plastic surgery in unnecessary situations. For example, if a person is not inclined to lose weight, he or she often gets liposuction or some other operation to be able to lose weight more quickly. Instead of doing this, he or she should just simply diet and exercise more regularly. Cosmetic surgery is a great way to fix body image issues, but it shouldn't be the only method.

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