• We use technology

    And some technology helps with finding parts and work on those cars that still need the be fixed and use the parts and tune the car up and try to find the right part in the internet and pay in person and we work so some people and use the technology in life

  • Americans DO work hard.

    I've researched, and some americans work about 36 hours a week, but people who work full time have reported working 47 hours. Which is 6 days out of the week to work, and possibly a week. And America is a extremely hard working country, although it might not always seem that way.

  • Yes, we work too hard for our own good

    In the US, we work more hours per week than other industrialized countries, and have fewer vacation days as well. So much of our lives are taken up by our jobs that we are always stressed out. In other countries, people support their lives through their jobs, but in the US, your life is your job. Working less hard would improve the quality of our lives a great deal.

  • We didn't before, but we do now.

    I don't believe Americans ever worked as hard as they do now. Everything has changed since this "depression" came along. Companies have found out they can lay off half their work force by making one person do the work of two. These workers are then afraid of losing their jobs, and they end up working through their lunch hours to keep up. We also have the people who lost good jobs and are now working two or three part time jobs at minimum wage to make ends meet. It's all about work now.

  • Look at Asia

    If you think Americans work too hard, Look at basically all of Asia. Life starts with endless hours of homework at school, And it takes a lot more to the economic ladder in Asia. I'm not saying Americans don't work hard; they absolutely do but when compared to some of these countries they are on the more easygoing end of the spectrum

  • I Don't Think so

    America is a rich country. There are jobs that you don't even have to work for to get money. The jobs are easy compared to china, japan and korea. We work hard, but America needs hard workers. We do not work to hard. Some doctors and nurses are needed full time, but that's because they help the wounded and injured. They are workers, and we need hard workers
    thank you

  • I Don't Think So

    I do not believe Americans work too hard and if they do it is probably in pursuit of material things they have yet to realize they don't actually need. I believe Americans are hard workers and they do a lot of work, but the main problem in America is the lack of pay employees receive and a lack of benefits. These things are major and should be afforded to many more than they are.

  • Americans do not work too hard.

    No, in general Americans don't work too hard. More specifically, they often only work as hard as they have to. A common practice to see in use is Americans spending hours, days or weeks, trying to find a way to accomplish something in a shorter period of time. They will often put of the effort just to find a faster way of doing something.

  • Nope, just look at Japan.

    We like to think we work really hard. But really, we don't. How many American students worked really hard in school? Japan is number 3 in the world for scientific study's in school, while America is number 11. This is a country that has an entrance exam to get into high school!

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