• America's issues supercede politics.

    America's issues certainly go far beyond politics. However, the real problem is politics. The issues and the politics cannot be separated. All of the failings, poor decisions, and gross over-spending stem from corruption within our political representatives. America will continue to decline until we truly address and reign in our totally out of control government. Our founding documents warned us against all of this in great detail, but America has better things to do than boring, old reading.

  • Yes, but politicians will keep us stuck.

    Obviously the issues in the United States are of a social and economic sort and they should and could be worked on by politicians of many different views. However, the problem is that we no longer have leaders or public servants. We have politicians who think their job is to garner power and keep getting reelected.

  • Yes they do.

    America has many issues even more so than just politics. All the issues that America has comes from the people and from the officials of the country. The people need to get more of a say and the politicians need to become more willing to listen to us because we are the ones living through everything.

  • No, politicians just want to argue.

    No, America's issues do not supercede politics, because politicians just want to feed off the problems, rather than really solve them. A few elite politicians go into a room and think of ways to make themselves rich, rather than to actually solve the problems of the people. Politics will always be more important than our issues.

  • No, it is all political.

    No, America's issues do not supercede politics, because America is largely run by politics. In America, special interests largely determine who is awarded what contract. Pork projects leave construction workers building bridges to nowhere with government money. American issues will always be about short-term control of government funds. It is unfair, but it is the American system.

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