• Extremely improbable? Or miraculous?

    There's been a lot of debate as to what a miracle is. Is it something that fundamentally violates the natural order? Or is it merely that which is extremely improbable? If you've ever experienced an event of extraordinary improbability that had positive repercussions for you, you probably felt quite convinced that there was an element of divine intervention present. And quite convinced that an angel or something like an angel was watching over you. And I think it's natural and good to go with your gut on that. Don't overthink what feels miraculous: it probably was.

  • I have seen angels and demons on many times

    I have seen angels and demons many times. They are definetly real. There is a spiritual realm-there is a God. I asked God to see into the spiritual realm and He opened my eyes and I saw. They, the spirits, are everywhere, doing all kinds of activity. The demons main purpose is to work for satan to keep people from having faith in Jesus the son of God, our savior. God's holy angels protect God's people, comfort them and fight the demons for them. For anyone who doesn't believe what I am saying, you will be in for a surprise, because you will see them for yourself, eventually.

  • Of course they do

    To the mentally deluded , I see there's a world wide phenomenon in "angel therapy" and angel related products , people are making fortunes from this tripe .Children are told not to believe in imaginary friends as they get older , yet adults talk about there latest angel therapy session , I find it hilarious .....Got to go my angel is calling...

  • Who says they aren't?

    Just because you personally might not have seen one doesn't mean they don't exist. A lot of religions have something connected to an "angel" i.e. Christians (duh) have angels, Native Americans had "spirit helpers", etc., etc., something that is so widely distributed must have some grain of truth to it.

  • Yes Angels Do Exist

    The reason behind this decision is that we all believe in different things these include magic, repossession, and also submission and reincarnation. All of these different things are what people call true.
    According to questions that I have asked to many people the majority of answers I got was yes and these people that I asked were from different heritages and cultures and most of them was yes.
    Yes there have been various circumstances and encounters in which people say they've met angels - all these can and would be very true depending on the format of their report that they've published .
    Most people say that the encounters are close to UFO encounters but they're not they are 100% accurate and reliable because they always have a piece of reality attached to the moments after the encounter or sighting.

  • Angels are humans :)

    Angels are the very existence of humans. They are the goodness within human that help each other. The fact is we are all angels. We help those who are sick, we help with charities, etc.. Yes one could say we are also demons and what not, but we are made through our decisions. Who says an angel has to be good?

  • Angels are Everywhere

    I'm certain angels exist because of personal experiences. Those personal experiences are shared by many across the world. Angels are universal phenomena. Aside from peoples experiences, angels have been showing up in photos and camera footage. Aside from photos and camera footage, all religious texts declare their existence. Angels are certainly beings from another dimension.

  • How absurd can we get?

    There is absolutely no evidence for "angels", any more than there is evidence for demons, ghosts, goblins, fairies, unicorns, or any god mankind has ever worshiped. That 7 out of 10 people in America believes in angels quite frankly makes me fear for our future.

    Quick tip folks- people surviving a car crash is just luck of the draw. It's not miraculous angels.

  • Angels Are Hopeful!

    Angels are hopeful, just not true.

    Like metaphysical ideas, angels are no different.

    Anthropomorphized versions of Luck.. Or good will. Or radom assortment.

    When it works out in our favor; when out comes benefit us, we are likely to give these ideas credence.. Yet they are never scientifically supported.. They are usually emotional reactions to extraordinary un explicable and seemly unprobable occurrences in which we are the beneficiaries..

    And it is our humbleness, ironically, that can sometimes give rise to this artistic expression and relation to other beings, responsible.. Etc..

  • Where does it stop?

    If all we require to prove something is real are experiences that "are real" to the individuals, then aliens, Bigfoot, Santa Clause and numerous other beings or things would have to be believed. We have to stop engaging in this child like manner. If you think Bigfoot is talking to you...Is it more like that it is in fact a real angel or that you may be imagining it and/or having some sort of mental issue that needs to be addressed. You would probably say the latter. They same holds true for angels, in my opinion.

  • Not even Castiel

    As long as the only evidence for angels is people claiming to see or hear them, angels are not any more credible than many people's claims to be the reincarnation of Jesus.
    Yet, although the prevailing Christian mindset is that the guy yelling at you on the streets may most likely not really be Jesus, if someone hears strange voices and assumes them to be angelic with an equal amount of absent evidence, then it's supposed that person has tapped into a deep source of truth? Sorry, but no.

    Not to mention that personally I don't exactly see why angels would be needed at all in the concept of a world that is maintained by a deity, which could due to its omnipotence in principle do everything by itself stresslessly.

    So even though one of my favorite fictional characters is the angel Castiel, I have to vote against them here...

  • An Unfalsifiable Claim.

    People may thank angels for their "divine protection" and "miracles", but then forget that there were a few thousand people who weren't protected and didn't get a miracle. When the odds of something happening are one in a thousand, it's going to happen to quite a lot of people when you have seven billion of them. People never seem to understand that good things can actually be a result of their own or someone else's hard work

  • What proof is there?

    You are making the claim of divine presence on earth, you have to back up the claim of its existence, otherwise, your claim is as real as my invisible purple polka-dot giraffe that can't be heard, felt, tasted, or detected by any current way of detecting or measuring.

    I will now make my 50 word requirement disappear!

  • By most definitions, no.

    An angel is:
    a: a supernatural being
    b: a natural being
    c: a metaphor

    A: If an angel is a supernatural being, then they exist outside of the realm of existence, this means that they do not exist.

    B: If an angel is a natural, and therefore observable being, then we have yet to demonstrate that they do exist. If we are to reach the conclusion that something exists it must have repeated, credible demonstration.

    If we are to conclude angels exist, based on personal testimony and presupposition, then we must also conclude that aliens, bigfoot, the lochness monster, and Elvis all currently exist.

    C: People become angels every time they do good. By this definition, an angel is a good person, this is a common colloquialism based on the religiously established existence of angelic beings. This is a phrase I myself have used, and I think it is a wonderful thing to say.

    However if the working definition of an angel is a person doing a good thing, then this leads the impressionable to an obviously poorly formed conclusion:
    They may assume that the dictionairy definition of angels exist.

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