Do animal hunting games teach gamers good morals?

  • Yes of course

    Hunting is not immoral, it's for food. I am a hunter and I hunt because I love how the food I killed tastes, and I love how it feels to get my own food instead of buying it at a store. Hunting and butchering is where America gets meat, video games don't change that.

  • Yes it does!

    Hunting games teach gamers many different laws about the sport. Such as, buying tags, not shooting within 50 yards of a building, not shooting illegal game, and for some, not killing a sick or injured animal. As a weekend gamer and an avid hunter, i believe that hunting games definetly teach good morals.

  • Animal Hunting Games Teach Morals

    Actual animal hunting games that are based on the real sport of hunting do teach gamers good morals. Typically, these games work like simulators and make players follow real hunting rules. Therefore, these games actually teach morals for people that might engage in the real sport of hunting one day.

  • Yes, it is all sport.

    Yes, animal hunting games teach gamers good morals, because they allow hunters to share practices. There are tips and techniques that hunters can share when doing animal hunting games. These games are another good way to enjoy the sport. There is no harm, as long as hunters stay within the rules of hunting.

  • Yes they can

    Yes I think that animal hunting games can teach gamers good morals. It is up to the gamer to actually pay attention and learn that moral though. Games can display good sportsmanship and good morals and the gamer, no matter the age, can learn something from the animal hunting games.

  • Don't see how hunting teaches good morals.

    However, I can see how hunting games could teach good survival skills. Personally, I'm against hunting. Which is ironic since my name is Hunter haha. I agree with hunting for survival, but hunting for sport is just not necessary. All life has meaning, and just seems dumb to end an innocent creature's life for nothing.

  • Animal hunting games do not teach good morals.

    Animal hunting games do not teach good morals.They teach that animals should not be hunted for food and other necessities but strictly for sport which is wrong because one opponent has a gun or other weapon while the other one really has nothing more than their natural speed and fear which will only get them so far.

  • No, hunting doesn't teach morals.

    Hunting video games don't teach any type of morality; they teach how to kill. They're more for entertainment and enjoyment. However, some could argue that they teach people to be thrilled about taking another life, which isn't a moral thing. Playing this type of game might lead to some people wanting to go hunting in real life for sport, as well.

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