• Animals have a soul and heart

    Ever ate a lobster? Well, That's an animal, Not a human being, And it is living, Well, It WAS living, There is a brain, The brain funtions because they have a heart. Is there something that has a heart and doesn't live? Well, I'll answer that, NO. They must have a soul, Even though they aren't buried then they die like us, They have a soul, And I guarantee that if you don't agree, Maybe you don't like animals, Or respect them, THEY ARE LIKE US

  • Animals are Living too

    If god exists and it gives each living being a soul so why can't god have not animals. Animals are living to, Despite them having less intelligence.
    Some humans are mentally impaired to, Why are we classifying the soul god gave to intelligence while god gave some humans intelligence less than animals

  • Our body doesn't define us

    While i do agree we are the only 'intelligent' species, I do believe souls can inhabit in creatures - for religious people, Think of devils, They aren't human are they? But they still act intelligent. Besides, Dolphins/orcas have been found to have the brain of a human 3 year old - says something.

    Plants, However, Don't seem to have a soul.

  • Yes, They Most Likely Do

    If you can fathom that a soul is basically a temporarily individuated unit of consciousness, And that human beings have a relatively large unit/high level of consciousness, Then it's easy to comprehend the likelihood that animals would have consciousnesses/souls on a relatively smaller scale. They certainly have memories, Emotions, And other capabilities of discernment similar to those of humans, And actually have capabilities greater than humans regarding some of the senses (eg. Hearing, Smell, And sight). This could also logically follow that plants, Rocks, Etc also have levels of consciousness, Albeit at a much lower level than animals, Of course. Studies back in the '70's found that plants electrically reacted when a person with destructive intentions to harm the plants entered the room (The Secret Life of Plants). Even basic photons of light some have argued may display a fundamental capability to choose a path of travel (debated in Young's double-slit experiment). So, It all boils down to how one defines a 'soul' really, But I think a good definition is a temporarily individuated unit of consciousness, And given this definition, All energy units would have at least a modicum of consciousness, With humans having possibly the highest amount of consciousness of any species on this particular planet currently.

  • The very belief otherwise is arrogant if you still think we have souls.

    Do animals have souls? Maybe, Maybe not. I'm on the pro side because I believe in souls, But am not sure of them. However, Just as a belief of a god with human traits is arrogant, The belief of animals not having souls while humans do is. Humans are not ultimate beings. That much is obvious. The very belief otherwise borders on narcissism. Many people say that since animals do not support and care for one another, They don't have souls. HELLO! Many animals live in colonies, With systems of government similar to those that humans did at the time the Bible was written! They support each other in just the way humans do. Even if they don't, It is their nature to be self sustaining. Would you say a human hobo or someone that lives in the woods doesn't have a soul? Basic logic traps you if you say no! If they didn't have a soul, They couldn't go to hell. And yet many of them might not believe in God, So they would have to go to hell. So they have a soul, And even the most solitary animals have a soul. People like you are more likely to be animal abusers because they can go "well animals don't have souls so it's not like it's actually hurting anything. " If you believe humans have anymore of a soul than animals, You are not only narcissistic, But evil! That's how genocides happen on humans! The leader goes "well since this group of people isn't like me they don't have souls. " That's the first step in genocide! You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Yes, They do

    Of course they do! If we are speaking in terms of Christianity (which I am) then we should know that in the Bible, Jesus has stated that all animals do have a soul. While it is not the same type of soul that rests in humans, It is still a soul. The thing about animal souls is that, Once an animal dies its soul will die with it. They do not have a Heaven or Hell dilemma.

  • It doesn't seem probable

    We have the same reasons to believe animals have a soul as we do to believe humans do: none.
    Once upon a time, I guess it was perfectly normal; with one's last breath, It appeared as though "something" left the body. "Something" that animated it and gave it life. Now we now it's only CO2. The only SPIRIt to be found in exPIRIng is semantic, And there seems to be no way to prove otherwise.

  • God made man in his image

    When God created the world he made humans separate from animals. He made man in his own image. The image of the holy spirit rested in each one of us. The image was not rested in animals though. This is what gives us eternal life. God wanted to have people to be like himself.

  • Animals do not so to speak have a "soul"

    First we need to look at what a soul really is. A "soul" itself is not a thing more of an idea at the morals of wrong and right we have humans have evolved to be emotive and care for one another. Our only premise of a "soul" is the fact that if we harm another human our brain automatically thing about the pain that other human is going through. Now animals however are based on instinct an animal will do whatever beneficiary to stay alive as any logical being would if an animal has a soul then crocodiles would feel pain and remorse for the animals thieve killed but they don't, They just crunch away and have no issues because there brain is not evolved (it has) but not as good as ours has.

  • Humans nor animals have souls.

    There is no evidence to support the hypothesis. In fact we cannot find the soul. Where would it go? Where did it come from? God cannot be the answer because of infinite regressions. Who created God?

    Animals can however feel pain and are sentient and thus are worthy of our kindness and respect.

  • You are not immortal, So no, Animals are not immortal either

    If you really believe that you are an immortal being, That demons are out to get you, That God (depending on what God you decide to believe in) can read your mind or control your actions or behaviors, That if you do what some book tells you to do you will go to heaven, And if you don't you will be summoned to eternal torture, You need to be on meds. Those beliefs are all very similar to that of a scizophrenic. It's these type of beliefs that are responsible for many wars and conflicts (including the current conflicts in the middle East). So to answer this question, No animals (including humans) do not have souls.

  • Souls do not exist

    Our abilities of thinking, Perceiving, Interpreting, Our ego and our memories all stem from mere impulses in our brains, Unless you define a soul as the energy in our neurons, A soul does not exist. Upon death, Our memories and understanding of the world and ourselves do not leave our body, Only the energy required to sense this fades away.

  • Where do souls come from?

    The sciences of biology and the likes have never found the existence of souls in living organisms. The simple fact is that a metaphysical soul can not evolve in a physical species. What species first developed a soul? How did the soul develop? What was the rudimentary first prototype of the soul and how has it changed over time? How do strands of DNA manifest a soul? How do chemical processes develop a soul, And can we recreate this process and develop an artificial soul? The answers to these questions is that it's not possible.

    It should be pointed out that consciousness is not the 'eternal' soul. Neuroscience is finding that attributes that you assign to consciousness, Simply arise from the inner workings of the brains neuron pathways and chemicals.

    If a soul were to exist, It would be purely a metaphysical entity that could not interact with the physical world at all. That means the soul couldn't interact and control your own body. If it could then science would be able to detect it. So if the soul has no bearing on you or the world, What's the point of even claiming that it exists.

    No matter what the animal is—whether it's a fish, Human, Donkey or bird—a soul doesn't make sense and has never been found.

  • No we don't.

    I use the term "we, " because technically speaking, We are animals ourselves. We do not have souls, No such thing exists. We have emotions and thoughts, But those are just chemical reactions in the brain. Your consciousness is merely a manifestation of these, And once they stop, You are truly dead. That is when "you" cease to exist.

    Posted by: LLP
  • No. .

    Animals do not have the capability of religion to our knowledge. If they do not even know what god is, How can they have a soul? If you say all living things have a soul, Then what about plants. Its just does not make any sense because we step on plants and grass every day. That would make us soulless creatures then.

  • No! They r stupid things

    Of course they don't! They are just a waste of space for humans. They are supposed to make you happy, But those bastards are just a waste of space with a fucking ugly face with no fucking soul! Who would think they did? They are assholes then. So yeah. No fucking soul

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