• Yes they do

    Yes, I think that some of the basic rights that we have need to go to some animals that we keep as pets to, such as they can not get assaulted, and that some of them can not get killed or abused. I think that dogs for sure need this.

  • Animals are sentient, too

    Animals have rights in the areas where they are denied. This includes experimentation and captivity. I oppose animal experimentation because I do not think it is morally right to use animals in medical experiments that could potentially harm them. Animal experimentation is also tantamount to performing non-consensual experiments on humans.

  • What is an animal?

    An animal is something that is a living creature like us right. But then again we never had a problem of enslaving ourselves so you should already see why we enslave animals. To say that an animal is not sentient is to say we are not sentient because technically we are animals. In fact that's like saying that we are not living beings, just pieces of flesh walking around! Animals are alive there for they are sentient.

  • Animals already have some rights

    There are already multiple laws preventing humans from hunting animals. Like the dolphins of India for example. A lot of other animals are only allowed to be killed in certain time periods like hunting season. There are also hefty penalties for people who break these laws. In China, if you kill a panda bear, you face a death penalty. I would call those rights. If a human kills a fellow human, then that human would also face a death penalty

  • Animals have lives to

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  • Why animals have the same rights as humans?

    Animals need to have the same right as humans because animals have multiple feelings just like humans. Animals and human are alike in many different way. Animals can cry, they can use the bathroom, animals can walk, they can talk, they can eat, animals can do a lot of things like humans.

  • No, animals do not have human-like rights.

    If animals had the same rights as humans, then the eating of all animal products would be forbidden. I do think that just because animals do not have the same rights as humans, it doesn't mean that they shouldn't be treated with respect and used for food in a non-human way.

  • Animals are not sentient.

    Animals cannot have the rights of human being because they don't even know what that means. You cannot enslave and/or torture an being that doesn't even realize it's happening or why. We anthropomorphize animals and believe them to be more than they are because the animals that most people are exposed to are pets, and pets have been bred over the millennia to exhibit those characteristics.

    Animals work on instinct alone, there is no reasoning or thought involved. Yes, some can mimic behavior and even exhibit some small amount of tool usage, however, that is no evidence of conscience thought.

  • Animals have rights

    They do have rights as they can freely wander around on there own will such like humans do. Secondly they have right to eat, Walk etc. But they lack their rights in one opinion that is they are freely slaughtered and are eaten by some of the human beings and are getting killed for some of there useful parys

  • They are property.

    They cannot own property, They are property, Not even a kid can own property. They cannot communicate, They do not have the same thoughts as us (humans). It is just not necessary for us to start this argument. Again, They (animals) are property, Animals are property!
    Property cannot own property.

  • They would kill you without a second thought

    Humans have a sense of morality, Maybe not always the best. But it's there. Animals have next to nothing in terms of respect for any species other than their own. If you were put in a cage with another human and both told to fight to the death, You would do it but maybe a bit reluctantly on both sides. Now, Picture the same scenario but with an animal and a human this time. BOOM the human dies before the animal even knows what they're doing.
    Also, If animals get the same rights as humans, Now we will be undermining our own species. A human childs life will literally be either worth less than an animals life, Or equal.

  • Animals don't have rights

    Animals have the right to be in my stomach and on my plate.
    Why do experiment a new drug on a human when you don't even now the effects of the drug when you can use some dumb animal to test it on.
    There for animals also cant think or build items that would help them survive un like us.

  • Human rights have certain features guaranteeing rights

    There are several reasons humans deserve rights. Because humans can only reciprocate agreements with other humans, it is impossible to guarantee or consult animals over these rights. Further, their inability to organize or protect themselves using language and other unique human features prove that they are here to serve us or act as something for humans to use.

  • Animals Have Rights

    I personally think that if a large dog attacks a kitten, a dog would not be sued like a human would be if the human did something harmful to another human. Animals are not considered to have the concept of deeper thinking that humans enjoy and do not have the same level of rights that humans enjoy. Cannibalism ( eating humans ) is a terrible crime, but eating meat from animals is how humans have survived forever.

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