• We are Biologically Related to all animals.

    Via the Theory of Evolution, we have found that we, as humans, are related to all other living creatures in the entire world. This has been confirmed via fossil and anatomical evidence as well as genetic evidence. It forms a perfect family tree. This is a known and proven fact. I shan't get into the details as they will complicate things a little bit. But since we are related to all other living creatures, they should possess the right to not be intentionally harmed. As humans should only harm another in self-defense, the same principle should apply to animals as well. Animals should not be intentionally harmed. If it is for survival, then, of course, we must harm them as they would harm us if it is for survival purposes.

  • Non-Human Animals are persons, and should not be legal property of Homo-Sapiens Animals

    I believe they are a non-homo Sapiens person. We should have an amendment added to our US Constitution ending their current status as property. They are ends in and of themselves, and not for use by Homo-Sapiens animals. Do we all have a right to harm animals in certain circumstances? Yes, A bear has a right to eat fish for survival. A lion has a right to eat a hog for survival. A Homo-Sapiens should have the right to eat any animal, including one from his/her own species for survival. The Homo-Sapiens should also have the right to defend any member of his/her own species against an animal from another species and one's own species. That being said, with political rights does not mean they have the right to vote. I would not add another amendment for their right to vote, or have access to healthcare paid for by our species. They simply should not be legal property.

  • We are both mammals

    There are several laws in the world that give people rights but I don't think that I have ever heard one about the right that an animal has to not being harmed. We have the right to the pursuit of happiness but what do the animals get besides the domestic ones that get attention and love every day and then the endangered species who get to be "free" as some people like to say even though they are being kept locked up in a wildlife sanctuary. In my opinion that is not considered free but I do understand why people do this... They do this to keep the animals in our brutal world safe.

  • Yes, Animals Have a Right Not to Be Harmed!

    This is a ridiculous thing to say! Anyone who wishes to harm animals is crazy. There is a charge called animal abuse. That means animals do have a right. If you hurt an animal, you're committing a felony. And, as we all know, a felony can land you in jail. So yes, animals do possess a right to not be harmed.

  • Animals have a life too

    If we have a life, then why animals live theres. If we have our rights then, shouldnt they have the same rights. Infact, animals do have souls. When we die, what are the chances of us becoming animals, would youwant to be tested on, we all should ban animal testing togetyer.

  • Animals have the right not to be harmed

    They are the same as homo sapiens if animals were in our position and if they treat us like how we treat we will be dying. According to me there should be a separate law in the constitution animals have right not to be harmed .Please treat animals as homo sapiens.

  • Animals are too a living beings

    People who just think hurting animals are nutty.Animmals think of not to be hurted ever.They too feel like us,how when we get hurted.Just imagine,
    How do they feel when they get hurted. They too have sense .Its just crazy in doing those to an innocent creature. I think animals and humans have equal rights ever.

  • They have feelings and rights!

    No one has the right to abuse animals! They are sick and deserve their balls cut off! That's like he devil. My heart cries for all those poor animals! :( ever heard of Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico? Well you can foster/adopt dogs right now. That's what my family is doing

  • All animals have the right to be respected. And that is what animal rights are all about! " Respected"

    When we see a pet or animal being mistreated. And just walk away are we not just as guilty as the person doing the deeded? I say YES! To just witness a beating or a abusive act and do nothing is just the same as doing the act! There is no reason NOT to step in and help the poor creature.
    Yet, A dollar to a donut that same person may go home to pat the head of there own pet. You have to wonder if they are given any thought to the pet that needed them just a few moments ago, Where was there love then? And as fair as you stating an eye for an eye. Well all I have to say on that is "BULL" When we get harmed by an animal that is in no way intentional they are only following there nature and protecting what they look, at as theirs. Or in other words, food. Furthermore they don't have the ability to be able to reason or contemplate on logical reasoning. So to say its okay, to harm a animal just because they happen to harm you, is like saying its okay to harm your neighbor if they harm you. Two wrongs don't make a right! And a animal dose not know any better we as humans do..... Or clam too. Bye by, God Bless, and stay safe!

  • Yes it goes against nature

    How in the world how does one think they might have the right to harm an animal. Would they want to be harmed by another person probably not. Thus one should not believe that they should simply have the right to hard someone else. We should have some type of balance.

  • Animals have no soul.

    Animals may be used as food, laborers, or anything else that is practical. It has been accepted for all of known time, that animals are for our benefit. Harming an animal without good cause is not acceptable, however. Animals are not people, and were made to help us, not God. If a bear is destroying your possessions, or endangering them, you should have the right to kill that bear. If you need a coat, you should have the right to kill any animal(s) needed to do so.

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