• No crap they can think

    This is a little bit of a silly post but yeah, If a dog can learn to sit, But if a dog is also afraid of someone who has abused them in the past, It can only make sense that the animals think. There are also studies on this that are free for searching up about depressed animals, And animals daily thinking about their problems and whatnot

  • Animals do think.

    I believe animals think, They can know, Act, Understand and process information in their heads, This to me is thought. They obviously cannot think in abstract, Intelligent thoughts like humans or in language, But in their own, Animal thoughts. They have to make decisions. For example, A dog chooses to either come to you when you call it or not. Animals can learn.

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Pugkin5405 says2020-11-16T13:43:01.093
Humans are animals

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