Do any whites have any right to resist immigration when they themselves are descendants of illegal immigrants?

Asked by: rokmc87
  • Talk about generalizing

    First off, the question is ignorant to the situations of many americans.Secondly, if the logic that whites don't have a right to resist immigration JUST BECAUSE they're descendants of illegal immigrants,then talk about an unwarranted appeal to generalization.Yes we are all descendants of immigrants but does not necessarily mean that they came here illegally. What about the thousands of people who can find their first arriving ancestors to have processed through ellis island.Thats legal.Even now in contemporary times you find new immigrants that are thirsty for the american dream are being processed through the system and are arriving with visas and other such authorized grants. Finally yes they have the right.Why? Cause the majority of the time their immigrant descendants came here legally and are indeed legal.

  • They werent' "Illegal" immigrants

    They were not illegal immigrants. "But they stole the land!" sure. By that logic we should give Texas back to Mexico who should give it back to Spain, etc. Every American citizen has the right to resist illegal immigrants. You say I am against immigration. No, I am for LEGAL immigration. My parents were LEGAL immigrants. It seems like nobody cares about the 5000+ educated, knowledgable people taking tests and waiting in line to get here legally.

  • White's aren't immigrants if you think about it.

    Did any of the settlers get green cards from the native americans? Nope. If you look at it technically, we(whites) conquered/bought America. So that's a pretty stupid question. Yes we have a right to resist immigration. If we don't want immigrants here, we have every to make verbal those desires and to take action on them.

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