Do artificially created homo-sapiens have human rights?

Asked by: Mathgeekjoe
  • Yes why not?

    I agree that artificial created homo sapience have right because like wise we humans have right they this freedom is also give them.
    As we see the people who are unable to do work that means is not that they have no right . They also have equal right as others have.

  • Umm why not?

    If it's concious and living I don't see why not, you would have to be pretty messed up to not consider an artifically created human to not deserve human rights, again, why is this even a debate? We all know every single person here will agree that artifically created humans are humans.

  • I say yes

    If s/he's homo sapiens then s/he has the same rights as conventionally created homo sapiens. The method of creation or conception changes nothing in that.

    Were we to make distinctions of a sort whereby we term cloned people (for instance) as second class humans we'd be in dire straits.

    Strangely similar to the abortion debate of when a foetus is a human being.

  • I consider all homosapiens to have human rights.

    I consider a fetus ready to be born to have the same rights as a newborn baby. I consider a homosapien embryo to have the same rights as me. I consider a human who is brain dead to still have rights. If I consider all previously said to have human rights, I see no reason for me to not believe artificially created homosapiens to have human rights.

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