Do artisans and craftsmen have a future in today's global economy?

  • Yes, we must value the work of artisans.

    It is going to be harder for artisans and craftspeople to survive in this global economy. That is because so many items that look hand made can be turned out for next to nothing using labor that is underpaid from various countries. And yet we need those artisans and we need folk artists to be paid for their work.

  • Artisans & Craftsmen have a future in today's economy.

    While the industrial revolution is responsible for rocketing our production capability, there's still a market for quality artisan-made products. Moreover, shoppers in this market are willing to pay more capital for these artisan-made product. Therefore, despite how many advances in production technology are made, there will always be a budding market for craftsmen & artisans.

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