Do Asian American students have a cultural advantage over other students?

  • It is deserved

    People often try and make the point that Asian Americans are smarter than the general population, but it is really the cultural expectations that are more important to their academic success. Asian Americans generally (though obviously not all and the trend towards assimilation will negate over time) are very hard working, placing a high value on tangible success.

  • For Asian American immigrants, success is a family affair.

    Asian American students have a significant cultural advantage over other students, indeed. This is because they have an entire immigrant culture built around success, becoming the best you can be. You are not in competition with just other students in your school, but all of the other students your age in your entire extended family.

  • Asians Taught Value of Hard Work

    Asian American students do have a cultural advantage over other students in America because they are taught the value of hard work at a young age. Japanese and Chinese students go to school year-round in a traditional setting. Families may have been underprivileged at one time and worked hard to get ahead in America, which is a work ethic promulgated upon children. If other ethnic groups followed the same example as Asians, everyone in America would work harder to keep the things we have.

  • Not That I'm Aware Of

    I do not believe Asian American students have a cultural advantage over other students. In general, I believe these students work hard and know how to tackle academic studies. They tend to be more responsible with their work, but these are things any American could tackle if they choose to.

  • Their success is not racist.

    No, Asian American students do not have a cultural advantage over other students, because their success is not dependent on their gender. There are many Asians that are hard working and academically talented, but there are many who are not. The same is true for any race. Asians should be celebrated for their academic success, not criticized because they are so successful.

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