Do Asians have more brains than the rest of society?

  • At my place at least

    I've gone to middle school for three years and I noticed the Asian kids in my class are the most mature and they were always the first to finish their work because they didn't get distracted by other stuff. Plus China has top students because they have strict education so yeah, The strict order makes people smarter as long as it doesn't turn abusive.

  • That is a lie

    They are forced to learn music and pressured into getting good grades. Their parents will actively control their lives. It is a highly stressful life that is strict.
    Middle School and High school is not that hard. Put half the effort and you can get decent passing grades. If you want good grades you have to put the effort.
    Believe it or not most black children are competent but are pressured into acting dumb to be cool. A black child will get bullied by other black children for reading a book.
    Mexican children have even gone above and beyond. A Mexican teen won the math Olympics for the country of Mexico and almost would have not gone to had not Guillermo del toro funded their trip. Mexicans and black children even won robot competitions in America. There was a movie based on a true story where illegals competed with MIT students with junk parts.
    Point is that no single race is smarter.
    Mayans made the number 0 and so did the Indians worlds away.
    There are smart people and there are normal people in any population.

    Don't be that person that thinks that they are smartest "race" because "they" went to space. Living in poverty with no college and believing that they are smarter because they are white.
    Or the 115IQ person college student that thinks because Africans score low on the IQ means they are inferior.

    Intelligence is dependent on a lot of factors and being born rich boosts someones intelligence.
    Twins being raise in a rich home and in a poor home will have different IQ scores. Same genes and different intelligence Scores.
    Nations are actually on the verge of passing the US on intelligence and even some third world will pass America. So America has to get it's act together.

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Thor7 says2020-10-19T14:50:16.093
Simply I am also Asian and as u would have seen Asians successful in you are surrounding u have posted this opinion maybe. . .

But everyone have been given same brain it depends on us how we use it? No particular group can be said intelligent. . .

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