Do atheists and agnostics deserve to burn forever in hell? Why or why not?

Asked by: steffon66
  • Another Dumb Question from Steffon66

    Atheist and agnostics who fail to follow the moral teachings of the Christianity. But atheists and agnostics will feel the impact of hell more than any other (in my opinion) because they forced themselves to believe in a life absent of purpose and the supernatural, only to find out purpose and the supernatural were obvious all along.

  • If we're to assume Hell exists...

    If Hell exists the Christian god exists.

    If this god exists he created the universe.

    If he created the universe he has laid the criteria for who does and does not go to Hell.

    People who don't believe in this god or worship him would be sent to Hell.

    Atheists and Agnostics don't believe in in this god.

    Atheists and Agnostics would burn forever in Hell.

    Super simple stuff.

  • Another one from steffon66

    Of course they deserve to burn in hell. We all deserve to burn in hell. But we can avoid going there.

    God sent Jesus to die for our sins. If an atheist or agnostic repent from their sin and accept Jesus in their hearts, they will be saved and will not burn in hell.

    Remember steffon66, people burn in hell not only for not believing but mostly for rejecting God and his precious Gift of salvation.

  • They have denied Truth

    Atheists and Agnostic people can be moral, and well law abiding citizens. The issue lies to exposure, they have heard the truth and heard the stories of Christ and His works. Yet they deny Him.

    New American Standard Bible
    "He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters.

    King James Bible
    He that is not with me is against me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

  • Would he be just?

    Would a good god really send someone like me to hell for the act of not believing? If you told me a blind man once sat on the side of a road i would believe you, but if you told me that the blind man was the son of an all powerful god chances are that i wouldn't believe you. So, in the end it is not me saying that i refuse Jesus, but that i simply don't believe he exists.

  • If you meet the criteria...

    Atheists do meet the criteria for burning in Hell in relation to the Christian Bible which is the denial of God. It isn't really a dilemma because it's simply a function of criteria laid out prior to the expressed result instead of being an unfair or unjust proposition that just randomly arose.

    I don't know if God cares about Agnosticism though arguably that is a "lukewarm" believer so they too would be fitting the criteria laid out.

    I think the only time the criteria is unfair is if you are unaware of it.

  • Absolute power corrupts absolutely

    God is all powerful, So if he exists (I don’t think so) then of course he’d send people to Hell, He thinks he is the ultimate good, So pro trays himself that was. I do not think anyone (yes even Hitler) deserves to burn eternally, It’s an eternal punishment for what someone did in the span of average 79 years, It’s way too much of a punishment, But god wouldn’t see it that way.
    He cannot empathize with us because an ultimate being like him cannot possibly understand a mortal. He probobly thinks he does, But he doesn’t. He cannot. And I don’t blame him, Or hate him either. With all the power and responsibility he has, It’s no wonder he would be like this. Anyone in his position would be. Even me.
    Besides, There is no absolute good nor absolute bad, These kind of concepts are not so black and white.

  • Just an extension of their choices on earth

    1) God gives us free will; we are free to pursue the good deeds and nature of God in our actions towards others, or we can be self-centered and wicked. God forces neither upon us, what you choose will always be of your own accord.

    2) The content of our hearts are the true measure of salvation/damnation. God isn't satisfied by the words "I'm sorry I murdered all those people, Lord" if it's not reflected at your core. Matthew 7:21 says, "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in Heaven." And the Bible says in 1 Chronicles, "for the LORD searches all hearts, and understands every intent of the thoughts If you seek Him, He will let you find Him; but if you forsake Him, He will reject you forever."

    Bill Gates does some incredible philanthropic work, I think he's embodying a lot of what Jesus taught. But I'm not the one who makes that decision; God judges each of us individually based on our substance. It's totally feasible that Bill will go to Heaven, Proverbs 19:17 says, "Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done." But if you have the faculty to believe God's work in your life and yearn to be a part of a community of other believers, then you should do so.

    3A) Heaven: The purpose of Heaven is to be close with God for all eternity. If you love God and desire to be with/near Him, then this is quite the reward. God respects and rewards those who love Him, as is appropriate. This doesn't necessarily mean being a confirmed Christian, but it's certainly a bit more certain and less treacherous a path to eternity with God.

    3B) Hell: This is the ultimate separation from God, which is just an extension of your beliefs and actions on earth. God respects your decision to deny Him, although it is as painful to Him as losing a cherished son or daughter. He won't force you to love Him despite His outreach in various ways; that's not the way it works. The only reward you get will be your lonely, selfish existence. Nothing more.

    Jesus quotes Isaiah, "And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die..." (Isaiah 66:24). Theologians hold that the "worm" refers to one's conscience and the agony it wracks once you realize your just fate. If you were sitting in darkness and knew that you could have been happy if you had simply chosen differently...That would drive anyone mad for eternity. That is true hell.

    All those who deny God and the things that he teaches deserve the Hell that they choose; but there is more wiggle room than "Christians go to heaven, atheists/agnostics go to hell".

  • Most Likely They Will

    One never can tell what intercessions other saints have made that may save an atheist from damnation. I believe in predestination. I think it is also naive to think God will send people who haven't heard of Jesus to hell. God knows those who deserve heaven, he was in the business of doing that before Jesus arrived. Atheists believe death ends with nothingness, which is ironic because many ancient religion believed God emerged from or coexisted with nothingness (or void), which is why I warn atheists not to wake up in there. That's the worst part of hell.

  • You don't believe in God.

    You only get into heaven by believing in God. This is in addition to the ten commandments. If you are an Atheist, you don't believe in God. That simple. Atheists can't get into heaven. Read the bible, then try to make an argument. Have some common sense. Don't be stupid.

  • Its Morally Wrong

    If God exists, why would he send his own creation (who he is supposed to love) to hell? Thats is no loving god, and its ridiculous to follow a god who would do that to someone based on their beliefs, not actions. According to Christianity Bill Gates (man who donated over 27 billion dollars to charity would go to hell but Ted Bundy (man who tortured over thirty women and killed them) would go to heaven because he repented. Thats hypocritical. God says murder is wrong and charity is good but then sends the good who do charity but dont believe in him to hell and the bad who murder people to get rewarded in heaven. If thats true, i refuse to follow him. I don't believe anyone should go to hell. There are millions of people who don't have a religion (atheist or agnostic). Hitler killed how many? Hitler is synonymous to evil. So even if Hitler killed 50 million he wouldn't be as bad. Over the course of lets say 2000 years there have been so many atheist or agnostic people, definitely more than 50million. So if hell exists then god is worse than hitler. How are people comfortable following a god who is like that? I dont believe god would do that. If he is the loving god who i think he is he wont care what i believe as long as im a good person. Thats only the right thing to do.

    Posted by: D.14
  • Because it does not exist.

    Neither does heaven, Valhalla or any such place. After we die, we cease to exist.

    What I find funny is pastorrexiteke.Com response:
    "But atheists and agnostics will feel the impact of hell more than any other (in my opinion) because they forced themselves to believe in a life absent of purpose and the supernatural, only to find out purpose and the supernatural were obvious all along."
    Always funny when a theist claims to know how an atheist thinks. It is also revealing on how they think.
    Though I was a Christian for much of my adult life, and believed that god was real, I never believed in the supernatural of other other forms i.e. vampires, werewolves, or ghosts so I never forced myself not to believe in them. Becoming atheist, at least for me, was not a decision I made but a default position one assumes when they understand that god(s) never existed.
    Another misconception that pastorrexiteke.Com has about atheists is that we feel life absent of purpose. We still see purpose to our lives, we have dreams we wish to fulfill, children to raise, friends and family. We just don't base our purpose on religion.
    When people make such assumptions, it tells me that they feel they owe certain things to their religion, not just purpose but morals as well. They tend to think that because we do not believe in a god, that we have no morals. What we could assume from their belief about us is that without their religion, they would not have a purpose and become immoral. That being immoral is such a big part of themselves that they need religion to stay moral.
    Most people that know me, see me as an upstanding guy. Never arrested, helpful to others and someone you can count on. In fact, many of the Christian people I know, had assumed I was a fellow Christian. It is still funny to see the look of disbelief on peoples faces when I tell them I'm atheist.

  • God must prove himself

    God, being omniscient, knows what evidence it would take for each individual atheist and agnostic to believe in him. Being omnipotent, god could easily provide that evidence. If god does not provide that evidence to the non-believer, then punishes them for their non-belief, that would make god to be a monster, needlessly cruel and delighting in the suffering of his creation. If an individual has come to accept that there really is a god, yet decides not to worship him, he/she isn't actually an atheist and no longer is a concern regarding the posed question.

  • Agnostics and atheists are not sinners

    Atheism and agnosticism are mere belief systems. People should not be punished for thought, only action. Whether or not someone does not believe in God or neither believes nor disbelieves is their business. It is not other people's business to say to them that their way of thinking is wrong.

  • Is damnation really the way to go?

    If you think about it God is an atheist as well. I God believes himself have no creator, then he does not believe in a god of any kind. So by this logic, God would probably understand where Atheists are coming from. Agnostics though, from what I can discern God does not favor the indecisive.

  • You people don't make any sense to me.

    To me it sounds like this:
    God(I don't believe in him but let's just say that he exists okay?) thinks I'm a sinner, because I didn't believe in him. I had enough belief in saying "Science makes sense to me, a man standing on a cloud does not!" so I chose to live my life based my idea about being an independent individual. Like everyone else. If I had trouble I couldn't deal with myself I had friends and family members to turn to.
    Though I didn't believe in god, I still had morals and norms. I would never kill a person, I know it's wrong to steal, I wish the best for most people, I would never force my own opinion on someone else, I would like to help people I WISH TO DO THE RIGHT THING.
    But I don't believe in god. So to hell with me.

    - Yeah that's basically how it sounds to me.

  • No they do not and here's why.

    Let's just assume that He'll exists. A place of Eternal Torture for Sinfull Men Woman and Children. Why does anyone deserve to be Tortured let alone for a Eternity for their lack off therefore Beleifs? Hitler must have been just then he showed those Jewish Heather be whose boss. So are the Crusaders, Spanish Conquerors etc I expect almost every Creationist on this forum to disagree with me and for good reason. But why is God exempt from this rule?

    You say that you use God's Morality so A. You don't our B. You do and support Christians burning Heretics at the Cross. If you agree with B I Hope you never get into even the smallest Position of Power. And for those of you who agree with A and try to justify God's Torture of Billions with "He created us and is all Powerful so he can do with us as he wishes" That may be true but that doesn't make him any less evil. That is assuming he's even real...

  • Because no act would deserve eternal punishment.

    Punishment is proportional to the act committed. Thus, the only way that anyone could ever deserve eternal torture is for an infinite crime. But infinite crime does not exist. No action by anyone could ever deserve an eternity of torture. Thus, atheist and agnostics do not deserve to burn in hell forever.

  • They aren't denying God

    They don't deny God; they just say they don't believe in it. I think it's stupid that because you don't believe in something that you should go to eternal damnation. It's cruel to think that everyone who doesn't agree with your beliefs will go to hell. I don't think that they deserve to because some have good morals; simply basing judgement on beliefs is not a fair way of judging someone. I

  • Deserve has nothing to do with it . . .

    I don't particularly believe in Hell, but even supposing that it exists, no one would really deserve there. Does an antelope deserve to be eaten by a lion? An insect by a bird? Do people deserve to be bitten by a snake? Some things happen as a result of others, but deserve isn't part of the equation. If people do end-up in Hell, it would be because they don't meet the requirements for Heaven, and whether or not they do meet those requirements could be something earned or simply gained by chance.

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Dr_Obvious says2014-09-03T02:07:37.083
Everyone deserves to burn in Hell. But some of us will not, due to Gods grace.
WhineyMagiciann5 says2015-12-22T14:06:49.297
Your god is a being that condones genocide, rape, sexism, child abuse, and much more. He is a narcissistic being that punishes those that don't bow down and lick his boot. Even if he was real which he isn't, why I worship this terrible god?