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Posted by: MrJosh

Of course not

  Atheists believe in facts, so what we do believe in has already been proven. Religious people can't say " well you can't disprove my God, therefore he exists." A famous atheist once said " I can't go up to people and say ' Prove that I can't fly', they'd go ' what do you mean prove you can't fly? Prove that you can!'" That is exactly the same thing. We've already proven what we believe in, now it's time for you to try and prove what you believe in... Without using the word faith.
Fanghur says2013-07-07T17:31:09.473
Nicely put. :)
jessjessica11 says2013-07-07T18:29:20.863
Thank you :)
Bruinshockeyfan says2013-07-07T19:08:26.087
Like it
SecretSoleil says2013-07-11T06:37:45.530
Just like theists should be able to give proof because they claim "God is real, and exists." Do the flipside...Atheists should have to prove..."God is not real, and does not exist." Existence is not always about what can be seen with the naked eye, microscope etc!! IMO, respectfully.
jessjessica11 says2013-07-11T16:14:55.603
No, because atheists don't believe in a God. We've already proven what we believe in. Thats why we believe in it. We can't prove that unicorns don't exist, we just know. Same thing.
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