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Posted by: MrJosh

Unless You Like Injustice

  Biased much? Lacking a burden for proof is too convenient for atheists. Are atheists the only group immune to this, or are they a specific version of a generic rule that respondents to a claim have no obligation to contribute? There had better be, or this is cheating, an unfair advantage.
MrJosh says2013-07-06T01:37:13.557
The burden of proof lies, by definition, with those making a positive claim. Atheists aren't making a claim; they carry no burden.
jessjessica11 says2013-07-06T03:09:10.300
People carry the burden of proof for what they are saying is true. So Christians should have to prove why their god is right, but shouldn't have to prove why Hindu's God's are wrong.
Human_Joke65 says2013-07-06T04:11:53.893
Are you a parrot? You didn't even address my points directly, just repeat what I already know.
Human_Joke65 says2013-07-06T04:21:12.167
Never mind. I'm an idiot.
stemaclean says2017-06-22T12:20:08.257
Atheists are not immune from burden of proof. They simply sit in disbelief of your claim. Just as in a court room, the person claiming the guilt of another has the onus of proving that guilt.

As a jury member for god, I don't say he is guilty of not existing, I say he is not guilty of existing. God might exist. Not seeing anything to support that claim. Bring evidence, and I will be convinced.

Pretty simple.
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