• Most certainly. By select states, family, and society.

    As an atheist, I am looked down upon and ridiculed by my family, society, and seven particular states. When my family found out I was atheist, not only was I threatened to be kicked out, my packages began to be invaded, my room ransacked by my overly Christian brothers, and insults were hurled via sniper comments and out right verbal attacks. Privately, I debate online, but I have been threatened over and over to not talk about science or my particular passion, biology and evolutionary sciences. Fortunately, I am paying for my own college or my father would have cut funding from that. I have since calmed the situation at home by remaining silent and taking the threats and insults in stride.

    In the south, there is almost literally a church on every corner, many with billboards saying atheists are condemned. Even the more loving churches still preach brimstone and fire which breeds the zeal of Christianity in the south, especially creationism. All of these have a specific hatred if atheism that many parts of the country do not experience.

    Finally, there are seven states that specifically prohibit atheists from holding office, particularly Texas. This legal discrimination is the most reparable thing, yet every time atheists try to change something, we are ridiculed and shut down unless what we do not like is clearly unconstitutional (prayer In schools).

    Yes, atheists are discriminated against, whereas Christianity is not.

  • Yes... In lots of places and times anyway

    Some children are trapped into religious families who try to force them to believe in what they which is immoral including forcing going to church. Some countries like Afghanistan or Iraq even use the death penalty for Atheists!!

    Religion is brainwashing and should stop as it has no place in the modern world and is destroying belief systems from a young age which is a serious crime.

  • I am an atheist

    As an atheist I DO feel discriminated against. A lot of people disapprove and put you down for being so almost as if it's not ok to be so. I believe a person can be a good person without religion and I actually know a lot of mean people who are religious. And I feel like religion causes a lot of wars and conflict. So I personally think being atheist is totally acceptable. I think it's also ridiculous that an atheist can almost never (if they have been) get elected to any political office. I hope in years to come this becomes more acceptable and we aren't put down.

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