• We have laws similar to 10 commentments

    I have an internal compass that tells me to treat any living being as I would like to be treated, as long as I follow that I don't need religion and if every one would follow this the world would be a better place.
    My focus is on living being not just human being!

  • Of course they do.

    Atheist get morals from society. They do not have to be religious.

    When a Christian says that the bible gives morals, does that mean that if it wasn't for the Bible, he would be out on the streets stealing stuff?

    There is nothing wrong with atheism, and it has morals.

  • They Can, But That's Where Their Morals Came From

    Most certainly atheists can have morals. But morals come from values...and values come from religious traditions. So - if they've internalized and learned morals from some other input (parents, teachers, society), the *original* source is religion - even if the atheist doesn't actively believe in God. In that way, a moral atheist is possible.

  • Morals don't require religion.

    Morals and ethics aren't exclusive to religious people. Any person can have a basic set of rules of how to properly treat a person with respect and dignity without having a need to answer a higher calling. Although I consider myself a christian and a believer, I know plenty of atheistic people who live their life just as morally as I, but they simply do so without a religious affiliation.

  • Of course they do.

    Morals and religion are not mutually exclusive. Just because someone does not choose to believe in a God who may or may not exist does not mean they cannot tell right from wrong. As an atheist who has no religious background, I can tell the difference between right and wrong and feel very confident that I can teach my children how to be moral individuals.

  • Morals are not derived from religion

    While some people who are religious may think that atheists have no moral framework, they are misguided. It is possible to have an internal moral compass without exporting the duty to a predetermined religious framework. Atheists simply rely on their own definitions of right and wrong to determine the morality of a certain action or concept.

  • Yes They Do

    But it is because of the bible, because without the bible's effect on the world the society would be a corrupt as ancient Egypt was. Nowadays the bible has such an influence on the western world that people think that it is their moral compasses which guide them, and that's a lie. It is the moral compass they inherited via their parents and society which received it from the Bible.

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fractaldreams says2013-06-28T11:44:25.263
Glad to see the 'no' column deserted thus far :)