• Everybody has some kind of faith.

    Faith, meaning a belief that is not based on evidence, is something that everybody has to some extend. Including Atheists. Someone may say, they believe nothing, that is based on evidence. Besides the fact that almost everybody believes something that he has never bothered to find evidence for, and may it be the least important thing you can think of, There is the problem, that you would need evidence to proof your evidence is valid, and for that you need evidence as well. You end up in a infinite chain of evidence.
    For example you might say, gravity exists, the evidence is, that things fall down. But how do you know they do and it is not just an hallucination? Because everybody experiences the same. Then how you you know that they are not all hallucinating, or that these people are real at all and not just part of the hallucination. So after a while you get to a point, where you have no way to prove, that things are the way they seem to be. So you have faith in reality, or rather, what you believe to be reality.
    And if you say, you don't, but instead say you do not know what is real and what not, you still have faith in the idea, that it is possible, that things are different from what you experience.

  • Well this is just from personal expierence, but...

    I consider myself an atheist, and personally? I think faith is needed. Not in some sort of crazy deity in the sky ruling over our lives, or in multiple Gods that are just as bad as humans. Not an oranized religion with moleting priests or promoting the abuse of women. Just... Something. Maybe there are aliens out there. Who knows?

  • Yes I believe that they have some sort of faith.

    When the child is born ,he or she will look for the care and love to the mother. And the same is happening with life. Every one depend on each other and this develop the faith that there is some one who has produced everything. Atheists believe what ever they see but inside they have some sort of faith after having unanswered question.

  • All views are backed by faith of some kind

    I would have to say whether you believe in a creator or not you still are putting your faith (trusting) in something. Some kind of idea or concept that won't lead you astray. In the end it is something that has become true to you through your own life, research and experiences. Atheists must have faith there is no god just like theists must have faith there is a god since you can't scientifically prove the existence or non-existence. For me its god. It honestly would take a lot more faith for me to start believing what school taught me many years ago about scientific theories of how the universe came to be. The day science can tell me exactly how I got here is the day I will eat my own shoe

  • As much as anyone else

    Atheism is the belief that God does not exist. Atheists often consider themselves to believe in science and would need scientific evidence to prove the existence of God, But science can not prove that God does not exist, So believing the idea that God does not exist, Without science proving that is true, Is faith in an idea that cannot be proven, Just like any other religion

  • Of course. If they cannot see there is no God to make sure they are right, they can only have faith.

    Every thing requires faith, blind or no. You are always headed toward an unexpected future, your mind braces itself for the usual, but you cannot know that which is coming until it is past or "set in stone" so to speak. Think of it this way, if you are not ever present then you cannot be without faith.

  • I think so.

    Personally, I think of myself as an atheist, agnostic, free thinker. I don't believe in gods, but I am open to the possibility of science proving the existence of a superior being. When I say free thinker, it means I simply am open to all the possibilities.
    I mean, I know it's my opinion and it doesn't apply to all atheists, but I do have some kind of faith in some energy that drives the world, the cosmos, reality. I don't think it's a living being, but rather some sort of force.
    It's not proven, thus, it is a faith that I have.

  • Atheists mean not believing in god, thats it!

    Do they have faith? Well it depends on individuality. Some have, most don't. Most of them live in a materialistic life and there's no need of faith in that context. I don't have faith. Faith is just an gold plated excuse to not to think or reason. We don't have faith, faith is just a silly abstract idea for us

  • I totally disagree.

    I have debated this (Should Atheism be classified as a religion). Generally Atheists do not have faith or any kind of religious tie. We base our belief around science, fact, discovery and research. You can argue that "some things have not been proven etc." but more things have been discovered that we thought were previously unreachable. Atheism is not a blind faith, it is knowledge.

  • Sorf of, yes.

    I'm atheist myself, and I don't believe there's anyone above us. I may believe in myself, that's for sure, I have faith in my family, my friends, even my life... So, if that kind of stuff counts, then yes, we do have some sort of faith afterall. I remember myself believing in God, and didn't actually know in what i was believing in.

  • I disagree completely.

    I am not saying that it's a good or bad thing, but by definition atheists believe solely in science. I guess you could say that they do have a faith when the believe in certain scientific theories, but scientific theories have to have some factual evidence to be considered theories.

  • Atheism is only the lack of belief in the existence of at least one god.

    An atheist is someone who doesn't believe in the existence of at least one or more god. There are some circumstances where atheists do have some faith, but that is mainly confined to gnostic atheists. A gnostic atheist is someone who does not believe in the existence of at least one god and claims to know for sure that such a god does not est. The rest of the time, however, the theist has more faith than the atheist does on the subject of the existence of god.

  • Atheist means lack of faith

    I am an atheist. I used to be a Christian. I did not gain a faith in nothing, I simply lost a faith in something. I conclude based on evidence that evolution took and is taking place and that the world probably began without divine intervention. I gained knowledge of, not faith in, these issues. After all, faith is belief without evidence. It was based on these conclusions that I lost faith in God. I simply don't see anything that causes me to believe. This means I am an atheist. I am also agnostic. This means that I don't think that it is possible to disprove God. One can be both agnostic and theistic (something like deist) or both gnostic and atheistic (knowing 100% that there is no God).

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TheUntrueFantasy says2013-11-06T19:15:03.547
This question is stupid because the person asking it obviously does not know what the word atheist means. An atheist is someone who does not believe in a god or gods, that's it. It say's nothing else about someone. It is just an answer to one question. Do you believe there is a god or gods? If you answer no, your an atheist if you answer yes your not. So just to make you understand how silly this question is i will ask a similarly stupid questions. Do blond people have some sort of faith? Do people who don't believe spiderman is real have some sort of faith?

In general atheist don't have the same kind of faith religious people do. They base their believe on evidence. Religious people might ask them questions like : don't you have faith in your wife. Well that kind of faith is based on evidence. The atheist has learned to trust his wife through experience and evidence. I doubt he just trusts his wife based on nothing. So that is a evidence based faith.

But the faith religious people mostly use is believing stuff based on wanting this stuff to be true even tho the evidence points in the other direction. Atheist do not tend to do that as often as religious people do and many atheists never have that type of faith because that type of faith is really irrational, atheists are often more rational that theists.

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