Do atheists/non-religious feel discriminated against?

  • Yes. It is true.

    I cannot mention, in any way, the fact that I am an atheist on any of my jobs for fear of being fired. Religious people are very cruel and hateful and do not care who they hurt. One person stated that all atheists should be locked up. This person, also, stated that she did not care if the atheist had never committed a crime, that all atheists should just be in jail

  • It's simple people don't accept that I don't believe

    When I say I don't believe, they say that's okay God loves you anyway. They say I'll pray for you. They make it sound as though I have something that needs to be cured. I don't try to knock anyone's religious beliefs. First and foremost I am American and that stands for freedom of religion or lack of... First and foremost. My Aunt actually said "There's no place in America for Atheist, they all need to leave!" She didn't know I was Atheist.

  • Yes, here is my reason

    In my personal life, I have been discriminated for being atheist. In first grade, a person named Carly asked me, if I believed in god. I was so confused, and I said, no. She then told me that if I don't I will burn in hell. I have been looked down by people because of me being atheist. I am bullied for it. I have been discriminated by friends because of this. It's hard, but that's life.

  • Yes, I do.

    I live in China, and I am thankful that it is mostly secular. All of my co-workers, and superiors know that I am atheist, and they didn't start wailing after they found out. However, whenever I return to the US, I have to keep my true identity under wraps, as my relatives live in a small town that might turn on them simply because I'm secular. Most of the town goes to church, and when I don't go, I have to think of excuses to feed the townspeople who knock on my family's door asking why I was absent. This completely baffles me. It's the 21st century. Why are churches and its people still taking attendance and persecuting those 'absent'. It's a church, NOT an elementary school. So, yes, I feel very discriminated against.

  • People discriminated against belifes.

    I don't think that atheists feel discriminated against. Because if we look at it, people who discriminate is usually against religious or particular ground. Being atheist they don't have to worry about particular religion therefore no one will be discriminating against them. Also atheists wouldn't end up in situation where they would have to feel discriminated because they are atheists.

  • I'd say it's the opposite.

    I am personally agnostic, borderline atheist, and I feel it's the theist that feel discriminated.
    Personally, I live by the "live and let live" philosophy, so I could not care less what other people believe (as long as they don't try shoving it down my throat) but I witnessed loads of atheists bashing upon believers (some with reason, of course), but some who were completely innocent and simply stated something like "I believe in God.".

  • Certainly Not Where Atheism Is Becoming The Norm

    I could have said that Atheists were discriminated against 30 years ago, when entire regions were 90% dominated by Strict, Church Going Theists, where I used to get dragged into church by the ear with: "What would people think if our son refused to attend church, we'd be denigrated by the community." and later when I announced my Atheism, I was told to zip it and don't tell anybody we know. Yes, atheism was scorned and considered as bad. My own family considered me as a heathen.
    Now, I don't know of any such Church going Theists and many of the churches here have closed due to lack of attendance. I can walk down the street with Atheist t-shirts and nobody takes any notice, except a laugh if it is comedic.
    Though I I wore a "God Is Love" t-shirt in the local public, they would think I'm a stupid loser.

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