Do atheists think Christianity is irrational?

Asked by: Sunfire315
  • There is no proof for their beliefs.

    What else could I say?
    The only reason their religion exists is because of one book written two-thousand years ago by people living in the desert. They claim it was "written by the hand of God" but there isn't any evidence to suggest that.
    Not only that, but why is it that God always shows up in various parts of the Bible and uses his God magic but he never seems to do that today. He sent a saviour who said he would come back within the lifetime of his prophets and never came back. The Bible shows that God does evil things like natural disasters but when it happens today they say that the devil causes it.
    When someone finally questions God's nature they reply "God works in mysterious ways."
    Does anything about Christianity make sense?

  • What do you think!

    What version of Christianity do you want. Do you want the one where God has a mother or the one where he has no mother. These people believe in a personable God that is Greek in it's nature and that is also Greek to me. Apart from that, I see where they are coming from (not) Jesus, whoever he was was neither a Messiah or a Christ.

  • Christiens r dum

    I think that god is stupiud and does no ecist so it is possible that christiens r stupid for thinkin somethik that dose not ecist dose ecist. You see now how stupid it is? I think that christiens should be banned from being christiens that way stupid people wont be thinkin that stuf

  • Yes, of course.

    To believe in something with absolutely no evidence for it (faith) Is by all means, completely irrational. No questions about that. This is where the argument for many christians fails, ie. "You have your faith in one idea of how the universe began, well so do we." No we do not have faith in how the universe began. We have scientific evidence for our theory whereas christianity is based soley on 'faith'. Our theory is subjected to change by the means of finding new evidence where christianity is subjected to changed based on new "interpretations". Also our theories give us the ability to make predictions on the natural world whereas religion cannot by any means.

  • Less rational, yes.

    I think the idea of gods came about out of reason. Long ago, mankind had developed ways to change his environment. He created crops to eat, structures to protect him, and discovered some of how nature worked. With all he knew, and created, mankind knew he was the most advanced creature on earth. Problem was, there was still so much mankind did not know, control or create. To that, it was rational to believe that there must be an even more advance creature that did. It WAS rational.
    Today, we see scientific explanations of how things can be created through natural forces instead of mythical sources. Theist tend to have been convinced of something as absolute fact without justification. That their god exists. This normally happens at a young age when they are more naive but tends to continue on as they grow up. Thing is, this causes what could be called a logical paradox. Logically, two opposing statements can not be true. If we know something is true, then anything that opposes it must be false no matter how much evidence is supplied.

  • Yes and no.

    Many atheists do find Christianity in its entirety to be irrational. However, there are also many who acknowledge it as one hypothesis among many that can be neither proven nor disproven. What they find irrational is the blind faith and zeal of many Christians, to the point they outright reject any other possibility and are offended by the mere suggestion they could be wrong.

    Posted by: Quan
  • Depends on the atheist him/herself.

    We obviously find that religion is false but I can see it as rational and irrational. But everything that seems rational about it can be explained better by secular methods. And I've also met atheists who have never even really given thought to the subject. He was European, and that shocked me, because, in America, if you come across someone who has never really given thought to the subject of God for whatever reason, (s)he usually just supposes there is a God, but this guy was the same type of person, but where he lived in Germany, he just supposed that there wasn't a God, and he didn't really have a string opinion either way.

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