• Yes, the Internet atheists are especially disrespectful and intolerant towards Christians.

    On the Internet, atheists are more likely to speak out about how they really feel because they get to be anonymous. Atheists will usually say things along the lines of "religious people are all a bunch of delusional morons who like to pray to their imaginary friend in the sky". That is absolutely disrespectful. There are also times when atheists will say that religion is responsible for the September 11 attacks. The way atheists say that makes it sound like they feel that Christians are responsible for the September 11 attacks which is extremely unfair. I don't know if most atheists are like this at heart, but as far as I can see most atheists on the Internet are quite intolerant and hateful.

  • Yes, I agree that they do.

    The problem with atheists is that they have become a bit of a religious following themselves. In their desire to show that they do not believe in God, they have gone to cult-like lengths to tell people that there is no God. As such, they treat religious people very harshly.

  • Christians are on the defensive

    Atheists for years have been on the defensive arguing that they are persecuted by christians. Now the opposite is true. Christians can barely declare themselves these days without being referred to as hateful bigots. This untrue and unfair stereotype has been repeated so often it has been widely accepted. If one is a christian they are most likely homophobic, anti-women, and want to hurt muslims. Such ignorance is pervasive throughout America, and can be seen when one looks at the local paper. It is time to treat Christians in a rational and normal manner without ranting them out of every debate. Please?

  • Almost without exception

    Name one video about Christianity or discussing Christian beliefs and you will always find a seemingly endless torrent of hate. Try to present a proper stance on the subject, sticking up for Christian beliefs, particularly as a Christian like myself, and it's like running into a testing ground for heat-seeking missiles carrying a torch. On the internet at least, this is the case.

  • It really depends

    As a Christian, I have seen and received a lot of hate from atheists. But, I feel that it depends on who you are as a person. Instead of stereotyping atheists to be rude and obnoxious, get to know them. There are non believers out there that are kind. I just think Christians need to stop judging and love thy neighbor. It goes both ways. Atheists have to show respect to earn respect and Christians should do the same.

  • Well, some atheists.

    I have found that online, (especially on one of my favorite websites Tickld.Com, a great place for entertainment and fun from a great community), many MANY anti-Christian/anti-religion posts are made. Sure, they make for funny memes, but you can't get a funny religious meme through. I feel like some people online are more willing to mock and demean the Christian religion.

  • Do all of them do? No. Do some of them do? Yes.

    Being an atheist myself and knowing that have not been rude to anyone due to their faith, as well as many atheists being friends with Christians on this site (Just look at Muted's profile page!) And my personal experience, not all atheists are like that. But, we certainly have many people who are rude, such as Izbo10 and Qopel. So, as "athiests" only requires more than one, and I gave more than one, the resolution is justified.

  • We're humans too

    Atheists have treated me like a dog my whole life just because of my faith. They call me names and mock my faith purely for entertainment purposes and assault my rights to freedom of religion and free speech on a local and federal level. All the meanwhile they insult and harass me on the internet in a daily basis.

  • Some do some don't.

    We cannot shove all atheists into a box. Every atheist has his or her own mind and a different heart from any other. Many atheists are very sincere and kind people who respect and tolerate Christians even though they are not Christians themselves. I've met some. A majority of the girls in my class are atheists and they don't make fun of me for my Christian beliefs or try to diss me for it. However, there are some atheists who are completely the opposite. They are rude, disrespectful and mean to Christians and many of them like to think of themselves as intellectually superior- even if they have a lower IQ than the Christian.
    But like there are two types of atheists, there are also two types of Christians: ones who respect atheists and those who do not. We need to remember that. So yes, atheists DO treat Christians too harshly, BUT we cannot speak for ALL atheists. Some do but not all. Remember that!

  • Only the stupid, unreasonable ones.

    Just an introduction; Christianity is generally viewed as a "led-back" religion and individuals of various beliefs take advantage of that. Jesus Christ said (free translation) "Anyone can follow me if he wishes to." and that expresses that freedom, Christianity promotes.

    Now that also gives a chance to apathetic to Christianity (particularly) individuals, either to mind their own business, ignore Christianity and not participate "correctly" to its rituals OR bash and attack Christianity, for some egoistic reasons.

    The first ones are the classically apathetic guys, not going to church buddies, not doing their religious "homework". The second description though describes those who act "harshly" to individuals of their previous beliefs (well, Christians in this case). Those atheists do not represent all atheists though. They are these guys who went from apathetic to atheists to extremist atheists. For egoistic reasons they may bash Christians or generally religious people and act smarter just because they happen to be apathetic towards a religious to which most people happen to be apathetic. (I mean it's not an achievement that someone "escaped" from a religion that is generally led back and doesn't make you do things right?)

    Anyway, these atheists are unreasonable individuals, "extremists" and bigots. (both kind of harsh words) What is a fact though is that no one should be humiliated for their beliefs, religious or not.

    Generally every "group" should co-exist and go about their business.
    And Religious, Science, etc have coexisted peacefully and correctly when supported by reasonable, logical and open-minded individuals.

  • I think it is fair that both sides get to behave equally.

    Atheists are targeted in our society, especially by Christians. As an individual who was raised in a Christian environment I know that atheists are talked about in a horrible manner by Christians, atheists have the right to talk about Christians in the same manner. So unless Christians change their tune, I do not think atheists need to either.

  • This idea is manufactured by Christians.

    Atheists do not treat Christians too harshly. This idea is manufactured and perpetuated by Christians who have a martyr complex. The fact is that Christians are still a huge majority in the USA and hold way more power and sway in society than atheism. Atheists have traditionally been persecuted by Christians (torture, burning them alive, shunning). There has been no comparable treatment from the other side.

  • Awwwww!!!! Poor babies!!!!

    Being asked to stand up and provide evidence of your claims???? AWWWWWWWWW!!!!! I'ma so sorry. Grow up! We, atheists, have to put up with all of your nonsense. "You're going to burn in hell!" "You need to be saved." "You're living in sin!" What do you think we're going to say to that???? That is an insult to us. What we try to do is point out flaws and scripture. Think about what you said first. Now, when your religion is being hateful and intolerant of others, that's when we say things. We stand up for the people that are too scared to stand up for themselves because we lack fear in your god. We want you to prove things and say you are wrong. We live in a world where people are judgmental. The religious have treated me like I'm piece of trash all my life. We never strike first. Don't bring it up. Keep it to yourself and I'll do the same. Don't judge me, I won't judge you.

  • Atheists do not treat christians too harshly.

    There is no way that atheists treat Christians too harshly, Atheists just do not like when other people try to preach things onto others or try to force them to change their ways because they think it is wrong. Atheists might not believe in God or any certain religion but we have respect for those who do. You can go ahead and believe what you want to believe but just dont try to change us, like we are trying not to change you,

  • Cause and effect.......

    I've been an atheist for a long time, and frankly I go to great lengths to not reveal this to people. Many Christians attitude and behavior change drastically if they find out you don't share their belief. I've found that, at best I can look forward to being patronized and at worst being screamed at and threatened with hell no matter what I say. And of course there's the old stand by when it's clear you're not going to convert on the spot: "well, I'll pray for you." Basically what I'm getting at here is that the majority of Christians that I tell will at best treat me like an outcast. And since Christians are the overwhelming majority in society, this means that you either hide it from people as I do, or you're kind of forced to become vocal and militant about it. This.Latter group are the angry atheists you see out there, and yes they're hard on you.....Someone like you has made them that way.

  • Its called Life

    I am atheist and i have been treated horribly by "Christians" and other religious believers. You know the whole saying what goes around comes around? Ya, blame your other "brothers and sisters" of "God" for how the way us Atheist treat you. Oh Oh a better idea why don't you stop trying shove all that nonsense down our throats and let us live our lives without "God" so we don't have a reason to "offend" you so horribly. Big Babies.

  • Virulent Christians Are Actually The Problem

    There are many good, sincere Christians. There are also a number of hardline evangelicals who like to scream "Bigotry" at the top of their lungs while practicing the same to gay people, secularists, and atheists. It is actually a quite a bit of hypocrisy. It's like evangelicals think they deserve special treatment.

    Posted by: rpr
  • It's the opposite: Christians treat atheists too harshly.

    I have plenty of friends in both camps, and only the Christians try to convert atheists. Why? Because while both sides have their own 'truth', only Christianity is evangelistic by definition. Christianity is not just a belief in God/Christ: it encompasses following Christ's teachings, and one of these is to 'spread the word'. Thus, Christians, especially if they are devout, will invariably evangelise; some are respectful and only initiate if the other party seems open, but others will brute force the conversation with anyone who puts up with it, for as long as they do. So you can be a quiet little atheist in the corner, not bothering anyone, but there will be a Christian at some point, who will come and hassle you about your beliefs, ask you why you don't believe, and try to address each and everyone of your 'doubts' to persuade you. This can get exasperating. At that point, they may well get harsh answers, but who is being harsh here? The person being hassled or the person doing the hassling? I've even had friends do this to me: I eventually got them to stop without being rude, but it was unpleasant while it lasted. I was in a state of rolled eyes for weeks, having books bought for me, and having to fend of conversations. Would I have been 'harsh' in those circumstances, to compare God to an adult Santa Claus and tell them they were ere the ones needed saving from their fairy tale delusions? I didn't, but how is it worse than their trying to get me to 'see the error of my ways'? I think some atheists can be harsh in response to evangelism, but generally not on their own initiation.

    That said, there are unkind people of all beliefs, Christian, atheist, and other. Such people will be disrespectful and harsh with other groups; no group is completely exempt from attack, or free of attackers.

  • Christians treat Atheists worst than Atheist treat Christians.

    People near were I live who are Christians/Catholics treat Atheist horrible because they are called people who worship the devil. Atheist are people to and we don't care what you believe. People of beliefs should shop trying to shove the idea of religion down Atheists mouth. The only reason it is ok for anyone to treat Atheist horribly is because they will not be a hudge public backlash unlike it that statement was made about any other religion. They may be some jerky Atheists but they are not all the same. It is the same way with anything, their will always be a bad apple, although not all apples are bad.

  • That doesn't mean all atheist are bad people.

    I believe god. I respect people who believe god or don't believe god. People who don't believe god doesn't mean they're bad people. Sure. Some atheist will sometimes treat you badly. But you have to stand up against them. If you can't stand up against them. Just ignore them. It's simple.

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