• Immature Teenage Rebellion.

    That's what you make it sound like when you reveal your vices and try to brag about having a superior morality. Try being insulted and then respond with superior patience and humility and try not to brag about it; it doesn't count that way. Don't brag about being better; actually try to do it quietly. Then shove off.

  • Atheists do not use too much profanity.

    What are we comparing too much by? How about the religious? "You will burn in hell, be tortured forever." compared that to what atheists say. Even cussing is opinionated. What is a cuss word for me is not necessarily a cuss word to you, and vice verse. How do we compare "too much"? We cannot. How do we define profanity? It is opinionated.

    Posted by: SNP1
  • No such too much

    I don't have a problem with profanity. On here I have a pretty clean mouth, but that's mainly because back when I didn't Airmax didn't appreciate it, and I don't want to get banned. If I could I wouldn't use a filter. Besides, everyone else uses curse words too. Damn.

  • Lol? By the way people who cussed show higher tolerance of physical pain than those who don't.

    I am going to keep it simple. There is no other word out there unlike f*ck that expresses and gets across a firm and strong message of displeasure. No other word comes to close to feeling satisfactory of showing ones disgust/ unhappiness.

    Infact you might want to watch this video. Puts beautifully how the word f*ck. Easily the most commonly used vulgarity. It is actually a significant word in current culture.


  • Not related at all.

    A person's religion/non-religion has nothing to do with their behavior. I've known some very devout and completely amoral people as well as non-devout, very ethical people.

    In terms of profanity, that depends on many factors, including local culture, mass culture, education, upbringing, personal traits and countless other factors.

    This topic is just plain illogical

  • I don't really know what this has to do with atheism.

    Swearing isn't really limited to any religion or lack of religion.

    I guess when I look at swearing, I see it in different ways. When used in an instinctual way, like when we get hurt, I think it's almost natural to be angry and in pain, and to want to "release" that emotional mix in a verbal way. It's when you're using it to cuss people out, then I generally see it as superfluous. Same as if someone is using it excessively in an argument or something of the like. It makes the user seem childish and like they can't handle the situation without losing their sense of rationality. Christians do it. Atheists do it. Pastaferians probably do it, too. It's not limited to that sort of grouping.

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GWL-CPA says2014-02-21T02:18:43.500
Who defines profanity? Christians? The most profane word in any language is God!
Human_Joke65 says2014-02-21T02:25:02.643
Who defines God as profane? Atheists? This could go on for hours..
kbub says2014-02-21T04:33:49.217
Who defines Human_Joke65? GWL-CPA? Challenge accepted.

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