Do atheists, who constantly bash Christians, have a mental disorder?

Asked by: LittleBallofHATE
  • Isn't it obvious?

    Many atheists spend a lot of time and energy, trying to discredit Christianity. Many of them actually hate God, and any who follow Him. I find it ironic that some of them spend so much effort hating, and trying to discredit someone, who they believe doesn't exist. A sure sign of mental instability, in my humble opinion.

  • Not a mental disorder but...

    Many atheists are very firm in their beliefs that God does not exist. However, the atheists (NOT THE MAJORITY) like to attempt to bash and argue with Christians as much as they can. (youtube people!) Also, some Christians are like this, but I see no reason for an Atheist to feel the need to constantly inform everyone they are wrong if they dont agree with them. (Again, this is not the majority of the people who are atheists, just a minority who like to be rude. The group exists in Christianity as well.

  • Atheism is an Intelligent Disputation of False Religious Claims:

    If Theists did not continually make Public Assertions that God Exists and that we must worship God for salvation, then there would be no Atheists bashing them for their extreme nonsense.
    Atheism is just an intelligent reaction to Unsupported Nonsense that Theists continually make Publicly and even on DDO.
    Thus it is imperative that Theists be challenged to produce evidence for their Nonsense, which they have never been able to do.
    Thus Atheism is also keeping up the pressure for Theists to meet their Burden Of Proof.
    Something Theists know that they cannot ever meet and make dumber than dumb Opinions like this one to worm their way out of meeting their Burden Of Proof Obligation.
    Until they prove that their Assertion of God Exists or stop making such Nonsensical claims in Public, Atheists have the right to Attack them and make them answerable to their Nonsensical Claims.

  • This was a question?

    Maybe atheists 'bash' Christians because we are being pushed around by them all of the time.
    It's insulting though.

    Atheists were tortured, mutilated, publicly humiliated and killed for over a thousand years under the church.
    Even with the majority, Christians still maintain a persecution complex.
    So what is it that atheists do nowadays that really causes this?
    Is it the well-structured, philosophically sound arguments? Can't be.
    Is it the countless refutation of their own fallacious arguments? Can't be.
    Oh yeah, I know what it is!
    That's what they're afraid of. We laugh at their view of the world.

  • I'm Christian and I find this dumb.

    You are a troll who obviously wants to be the only answer in this damn thing. They have a philosophy. Atheists don't hate God, because they don't believe in God. Some might be anti theists which means they dislike the concept of a God or a deity. I find it ironic that you say that, yet the Christians some atheists target are the homophobes who they try to discredit gays because they believe it's wrong. Sounds like a sure sign of mental instability to me. :3

  • Do theists who constantly bash science have a mental disorder; yes it's called being delusional.

    Stop being a whiny little theist getting all butthurt that science is correct and you're wrong. Don't result to being a troll to try to lessen the blow that you're wrong. If by "mental disorder" you mean not being a delusional half wit, then yes. Get your head out of your hiney m8

  • Quite insulting that someone would actually agree with this.

    The very premise of this question is flawed. It is assumed that all atheists are simply out to bash on Christians. That is nowhere near the truth. Atheism is an attempt to understand the truth. We want to understand this world in a logical sense. In an attempt to spread the truth, we come across those who refuse to belive. Most of them are religious, and instead of listening to reason, they simply refute our claims, calling them bogus and being close minded. You can imagine that makes some of us angry.

    Even with our huge backing of evidence for Natural Selection and support for the Big Bang Theory, some Christians simply refuse to reconsider, even to the slightest extent. Some of us atheist feel the need to be assertive and press our views sometimes, but trust me, it's only because we hope you'll understand.

    I will grant you, there are those people who will go around and call christians vile names and can't support their own claims. However that is such a small percentage of atheist it's unfair to use them as a sample, and even if these people were the majoriy of us, that wouldn't go so far as to suggest a mental disorder. People can be mean, just because a mean person is atheist does not mean all are ill in the brain.

  • What the hell...

    Skipping over the fact that this is an obvious troll, I would like to point out that there is nothing contradictory in hating someone whom you do not believe actually exists; I hate Voldemort and yet I do not believe he exists. Same goes for love (as in "appreciating"); I love Thor, yet I do not believe he exists.

    I try as much as I can to respect people's opinion, but LittleBallofHATE's opinion is not humble, it is downright idiotic.

  • Atheists don't have any type of mental disorder when they "bash" Christians.

    They are perfectly intelligent people who are fed up with religion, and with good reason. I don't believe atheists really mean to "bash" anyone. I think they get mad at Christians and let it show.
    But not all are angry and mean, I have several kind atheist friends who I like a lot.
    As a Christian, I understand why it is so frustrating to be "bashed," but if I respond in politeness, oftentimes, the anger will dissipate and I have a really good conversation with them.
    All atheists have no more mental disorder than all Christians. It is not kind or fair to generalize and label them like that.

  • One Letter; K....

    Okay, I'm Buddist, so this isn't really my fight, but obviously, your "bash" means most, or all in this case, but just to clarify, Buddhism is a Way of Life, not exactly a religion. Anyways, Most Atheist are NonBelievers, while you should have said Antsiest, but since you had to add the mentel disorder part, well you must be a real douchebag, because insulting back, just adds to the flare, and the reason why SOME Atheists come back with reasons to just show why THEY believe gods not real, BUT they never ask the christian they asked to stop believing, just the people who think that they were asked that question are thinking the way you are, oh and by the way, see my Supporting Headline? K= to Kool Klutz Klan if you hadn't known, even atheists(antsiest!) haven't gone that far to KILL, oh and here's a video to help this.
    Check his channel out, it's so AWESOME

  • Dear totally oblivious, AKA little ball of Hate

    1) Atheist CANT hate god, we see no proof of your imaginary friend that you and you alone see, hear an believe has magic, so hating something that doesn't exist is stupid. By your argumennt you hate ALAH? Or Zues? Or Spagettie monster of the SKY? I mean you don't worishp them so you must hate hate them?

    2) You god raped a virgin and didn't pay child support for the purpose and killing him for someone else fault 'sin' which he in fact created, as he made a universe knowing it happened, that allowed it to happen. This moral tale assaine idiocy and incest, which your god allows on a number of occasion. And you think like god "it was good" because he protect your from the red sinned man under your bed. . .


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BradK says2014-06-15T03:27:07.997
If they have a mental disorder it's because they were raised in a faith that had a mental disorder.
Jikpamu says2014-06-15T04:06:38.760
Read Pastor David Wilkerson's "The VISION" from 1973. In it he predicts an atheistic type of snobbery in the media in the future. He also in 1973 predicted that one day marijuana would be legalized.
Sagey says2014-06-16T02:40:15.587
Atheists not only have the Right to Attack the Public Nonsensical Claims of Theists, but an Obligation to do so.
Because nobody should be allowed to try and convince the public of sheer nonsense and go unchallenged.
Sagey says2014-06-16T02:46:54.557
Marijuana may never be fully legalized, only medical use for the terminally ill may be considered as legal, but, recreational use, definitely not as it has too many known bad side effects. These side effects (psychosis, etc..) are not relevant to terminally ill patients.
yetifivepecks says2014-06-20T02:43:00.070
This question is an insult to human intelligence in general.
Sagey says2014-06-20T03:00:04.127
True, it was likely posted by somebody with a mental disorder.