Do Athiests and religious people alike have the right to publicly denounce any religion?

Asked by: alphafailed
  • Why is religion immune to criticism

    I am an atheist but personally, I don't try to convince people not to believe in God and I actively avoid God related debates. However, if need be, I will express my opinion on religion. It doesn't matter if a bunch of people are offended, my right to free speech defends anything I say, even if it is offensive. Besides, if I said that I believed that my lamp is secretly a magical unicorn, a lot of people would laugh at me. Why is religion immune to this?

  • Free speech is free speech

    I would rather build my own theories than destroy others, but there are occasions where a person might need to point out a flaw with a group's thinking. This is a privilege that should not be abused or it will have adverse effects. If a person says the afterlife is true because of the Ressurection of Christ, we should be able to point out the assumption that Christ came back from the dead. I do not think we should abuse this right by saying that person should not have the right to that opinion, only that he attempt a better justification for it.

  • Absolutely and not many are stupid enough to disagree.

    People go to public speakings to listen to what some atheists and religious people have to say. People who write books speak publicly about those books denouncing religion or religious doctrines. If it werent for people denouncing religious dogmas we would still own slaves and burn people alive for believing differently. Shout out to everyone denouncing religion publically. Its funny to hear religious people talk about rights when they have changed their opinion on what rights we should have. Slaves didnt have the right to freedom because they were property. People didnt have the right to believe what they thought was right. I could go on all day but my point is religious people are at least virtually always wrong. I know this because of the contradictions. There are more than a thousand beliefs that all contradict each other so much more than 99.9 percent of believers have to be wrong. Why shouldnt someone denounce their beliefs when almost all of them have to be wrong. Id rather everybody say i dont know than 99.9 percent of people saying i know while they are wrong. Fyg!

  • Free speech and progress

    Absolutely, yes. We need to be able to speak out without fear of persecution.

    And we can not progress if we stick our heads in the sand and just expect it all to change for the better (the same logic goes for either side).

    Free speech in public allows people to hear both perspectives of any topic, INCLUDING RELIGION, and thus able to make informed decisions, rather than just being forced to believe what their parents want them to believe (on the contrary to popular opinion, parent's are NOT all knowing and are NOT always right.).

    They're not hurting anyone by just talking and speaking their mind. Contrary to the bleeding hearts beliefs, trying to reason with someone is NOT the same as trying to force someone.

    Trying to reason with people is a MUCH better way of progressing and making changes for the better, than forcing it upon them violently (which I would not condone in either direction).

    The problem as I see it is, the main religions I know of actually would condone violently forcing their beliefs on a people if they were in a position of power to do so. This has happened all throughout history and still happens today in countries that govern their people by their religion.

    I may be mistaken on this, but didn't that truth play an integral part in the decision to keep church and state separate? Now all Christians can legally do (thank GOODNESS... At least in America) is try to convince people to become Christian by words. Atheists and other religions have that same right, and I do not think it should be taken away.... And if I want the right to speak against religion, I have to respect their right to speak against atheism, and just let the logic and reasoning do it's job.

  • If we can criticize ideas, then we can criticize religion because religion is an idea.

    We have a right to criticize a religion, government structure, or ideas. If it gets obscene, then yes I can understand. However, pointing out the logical flaws means we are simply saying what we desire that is not obscene. If we can criticize ideas, then we can criticize religion because religion is a idea.

  • Yes we should be able to.

    In this life (the only one I know to exist) we must question its how we learn now should we knock on peoples doors and shove biblical contradictions and atrocity's down their throat no. But we must be skeptical or else we will have a culture that lacks curiosity or worse the knowledge that science has given us. Question the bible, evolution, morality, and everything else if you are right what do you have to fear, if you are right why do get offended rather than understanding, are your beliefs so fragile that a question could brake them.

  • I 100% think that any idea should be criticized constructively,

    Although i think these criticisms should be forced on to anyone who doesn't want to here them, i agree with people giving their ideas on the internet, or in debates but i don't think people should go round shouting at people in the streets or force people to listen to their beliefs if they aren't interested.

  • Criticism is important

    Criticism is a very important tool which allows us to evaluate the shortcomings of things both practical and theoretical. No idea should be exempt from criticism as this prevents us from developing our knowledge. Religions are just ideas yet their followers seem to believe that these ideas should be exempt from criticism for reasons revolving around fear and power, ie fear of punishment and the power which can be gained by silencing opposition.

  • I'm going with a major no here.

    I totally agree with freedom of speech. I agree with freedom of religion. Here, I mostly point to where it says, "publicly denounce." In no way is it appropriate to denounce anyone's beliefs publicly. Privately, you can believe what you want. To go and criticize religion publicly is rude and unnecessary, only causing more problems. I also can see a little bias here as it only says atheists and Christians. So what about other religions then? My answer stays the same. We all have freedom of religion and to impede on that is wrong. To denounce a person's religion simply is a step to far.

  • I'm allowed to have my beliefs. You aren't allowed to talk me out of them.

    I'm a Lutheran. A christian. A firm believer of the holy trinity. I'm not going to try and convert you, so don't try to convert me. Every time I scroll through this site, I find a disturbing amount of public hate for religion, people throwing around words like "idiots", and "ignorant". There's a simple solution: stop caring so damn much. People who feel they need to disprove every religion seriously need a reality check, because if you care, it's a shame you aren't a religious person, we religious communities always need more dedicated followers. That said, I know there are people who do terrible things with religion and I certainly don't condone those actions. But if you're going to start ranting about something actually terrible, don't pull the rest of us down with the ship. Also, hate between religions aren't justified. My pastor had a peaceful conversation about religious differences with a Jewish rabbi, and I wish EVERYBODY could do that. It takes a great person to put all his/her differences aside and talk in peace with no judgement of the other. That's just my opinion. If you're going to argue it to be wrong, say what you're going to say with dignity and composure. That's all.

  • People should be able to have their own beliefs, without worrying about the criticism.

    Whether a person is an atheist is a theist or an atheist, they should be allowed to believe whatever they want to. Even if other people think it's completely wrong, it's an own person's decision and they shouldn't be "publicly denounced" for it. That's the part I completely disagree with. If a person thinks that the ideology of a religion is complete rubbish, that's fine. It's their opinion. But to be called out as a shame for what they believe in, and to have the holy books or teachings of their religion to be looked down upon by others just makes all others look hypocritical for hating on an ideology that is supposedly "hateful" or "wrong". Opinions are there to be shared, but not in a negative manner.

  • There's a difference between freedom of speech and bullying a person to think your way.

    Everyone has a right to believe in whatever they believe in, whether its a religious view or athiesnm. People are also allowed to not agree with what you believe in, but there is a difference between not believing in that religion and bullying or criticizing that religion. You raise your children to respect people for the way they look, and tell them that saying rude things is bad, and the same thing goes for denouncing a religion.

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alphafailed says2015-01-09T13:56:05.673
I assume all of you are American? Well I neighbor you all across the Northern Border, and up here we have the charter of rights and freedoms. One of those is ethnic freedom: the freedom to believe in what you like. By denouncing and abusing a person's religion to their face, you break that freedom. Also, I know you all are safe behind your computer screens, but would you say these things to a pastor's face if need be?
The1Uncorrupted says2015-01-09T18:34:21.070
Yes and (I would as an intellectual) enjoy it, I wouldn't be abrasive I would simply ask questions anyone who actually read the doctrine would have.