• They don't work hard and are not good role models

    A lot of people say that they work hard for several hours a day and that they deserve all that money. How is singing a song in an air conditioned booth hard work? Especially with all of the technology nowadays, you can make a bad singer sound good by just moving sliders and pushing buttons. Working in a factory lifting heavy packages and equipment is hard work. People who do that hardly get paid any money at all. People also say that celebrities and athletes are good role models. Kanye West raps about smoking weed and having sex. How in any way is he a good role model? Here are a few examples of good role models to look up to: Police Officers, Firefighters, Soldiers. These are people who risk their lives for our country and save lives. People should look up to them the way they look up to some rapper who lives in a multi-million dollar mansion and drives exotic cars and would rather pay attention to that rather than to some kid on the street.

  • Yes

    Why should a person who is good at kicking a ball, make more in a week than a doctor who helps to battle disease and cure people, a fireman who pulls people from burning buildings, a policeman who stops a crazed gunman from going on a killing spree do in a year/several years?

    An argument on the other column said that they affect the lives of millions of people - yes, people can get upset, but there are no real world ramifications that drastically change the lives of millions if a sports team wins or loses. However an epidemiologist who manages to predict the spread of the next major disease and prevent it from reaching pandemic level would not get the same kind of financial recognition... The same as the person who manages to cure cancer (fine, the Nobel prize gets you $1 million, but compared to premier league footballers who make £200,000 per week it is an insult to intellect). It is bonkers that things work this way - in a fair society sport would be entirely amateur and every athlete would have a day job and actually commit something useful to society


    I heard from ESPN that 78% of professional athletes file bankruptcy within the first seven years of their retirement due to living the high life, medical reasons, divorce, and paying bills for stuff that they don't need. I don't think actors and singers have this problem, because their careers are much longer.

  • Justin bieber case

    People pay him mllion for standing there and singing like a shiitty, while other work in sweat and heat to earn a living. Talent is important but not music, science or other talents, music should be shared for free. Justin bieber is overrated ,even though he is christian he is nothing like a christian compared to david archuleta and other singing.

  • They don't do anything useful to forward society.

    Some people say they help by entertaining lives, and by being role models.
    I say; do we want our children's role models to be people with very low IQ's that only have any pull with what the say because they have a nice pair of boobs, or because they grew up in the ghetto? Because they were born like us, and were able to become rich?
    Many celebrities often try to portray that they are very generous, understanding and giving people. But then when we aren't looking the spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to have gold plated toilet seats. What good does that do?
    Then some people will say; well they deserve to do what they want with their own money. They earned it after all.
    Ha yeah they earned it. They sing a couple of songs, or play a lead role in a big movie. Yeah their job can be tough sometimes, but their jobs sure as hell aren't hard enough to justify millions of dollars.
    The majority of the people in this world work way harder, receive injuries from their jobs that are way worse than any celebrity faces, and get paid pennies in comparison.
    And yet we for some reason think that they are all high and mighty, so we support their life style so they can continue drinking their margaritas on their yachts, and sitting on their gold plated toilet seats.

  • Shouldn't even be a vote on it.

    You only have to look at the Yes vs No count to know what the world thinks. And majority rules?
    It is ridiculous how much they earn. So what if their really good at football or singing!? There are people in unnoticed professions that achieve way more, in more stressful, tiring environments but most importantly...Jobs that are actually beneficial to humanity! but its just not entertaining.
    Youths are learning less, vandalizing more and becoming dumber and dumber every day due to the influence of music and other entertainment. (All enhanced by life threatening drugs or dangerous environments) Yet all the money that could be put into making the world a better place for people to grow up in, is going straight to the celebrities who brain wash us into this cycle. It does not matter if the Illuminati is real of not.... Its a name, and real time situations so wonderfully go hand to hand with what that name represents. If it doesn't exist, you cant take action against it. Brilliant idea =)

    Our awful paid jobs, ensure them a bright and technologically advanced life of glamour and fame.

  • And too much

    Is'nt it a total and blatant inconsistency that while we lost jobs,homes and business projects jocks,
    celebs and politicians got richer? Hello America wake up baby. Where the hell is the recession?
    Kanye West says he will spend $22 millions on his wedding. Elton John spends up to $40-$50 million
    having fun each year. We owe celebs nothing. They tend to forget who made them rich and famous
    we do. Don't forget the white house, michelle Obama owes us $10 million. Know what? We
    deserve the humiliation we get from shallow celebs. It's all our fault.

  • Yes, despite it all, yes.

    What makes celebrities different than those who actually have degrees, or are working a simple job? They're recognized by the nation and we aren't. They get paid immense amounts of money and even with how much they donate or pay in taxes, it's ridiculous. In this society, it's a high end or low end of society, and it's not equal. Some people actually go to school to do what they love doing but the pay is NOTHING compared to what celebrities/athletes get. They're treated as if they've done something noble for this world. Many people in this world actually need the money and deserve it, and its sad because they get majority of it while we just watch; deprived. What a great world.

  • The jobs who require the ability to save a life deserve more than a person who is only required to memorize words.

    Doctors and policeman put there lives at stake and have much more on the line than actors. Doctors have minimal chances to make a mistake, fireman risk their lives ten times more than the average person. Police face threats too such as getting shot everyday, when all celebrities are doing is standing and singing.

  • Yes! I'm against all celebrities. I DESPISE THEM.

    I certainly think that celebrities and athletes make too much money. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to push a ball up and down a court. Or for that matter say a few lines in front of some cameras. What a crock. The average American income is, what, $40,000.00 a year and these people are making that in one week. That is totally unfair. I support none of them.

  • No athletes do not get paid too much money

    Athletes do not get paid too much money. They work out hard everyday for fans to watch them play their heart out nearly all year long. Some jobs all you do is sit in an office with a pen with no physical effort what so ever. The stress these athletes have to bear on their body and joints after these exercises or sometimes in game injuries can be great - injuries such as tearing your ACL, dislocated shoulder,finger, broken bone or even get crippled, etc. But yet they continue to do it. They also have kids and family members or even friends that they use this money to support. Sometimes these athletes had a very rough childhood growing up. So by gaining this amount of money will prevent their child or children from suffering from this same problem.

  • not tooooo much

    consider all the money they donate to charity, or all the charity work they do, or all the firms & businesses they run, which obviously means employment and money circulation. to top it off, their career is full of stress, and tight competition! and they can be good role models for the youth (at least on the screen!)

  • No Way!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!!!

    Too much money are spent on sport stars. That's what you think. They should be paid more money. If you think they are paid to much money, why do you spend watching them play sports? Besides that, they should be paid more because they are better at sports than you are. They are being paid way too much money.

  • I dont think so

    -They have loads of stress
    -They have to travel around at very young ages
    -Cant see their family
    -Dont have long careers, that money has to last them a life time
    -The taxes they pay are bigger than others.
    -They work really hard to reach a professional level where they get paid enough for them to live

  • Athletes and Actors work EXTREMELY hard.

    Actors and athletes work very hard at what they do. They often spend hours training and revising lines and filming scenes. They deserve to be paid an amount commensurate to the time and work they put in doing what they do. They also have to pay their staff (PA's, agents, publicist, cleaners, nannies, stylists etc). They are on a busy schedule and often don't have time to clean the house or take the kids to school so they have to use their money to pay people who work for them. They become a business. Celebrities sacrifice a lot to do what they do (family time, relationships, being able to go in public without getting attention).

    Lots of actors set up charities or regular donate to charities with money they have earned. Ellen Degenres is one of the most generous celebrities I can think of. She is always helping out people who have it hard and uses her success to donate to many different charities.

    If you say that actors and athletes are being paid too much, you are contributing to their pay check. If you go and watch their movie or attend their sports game or buy a piece of their merchandise, you are contibuting to their success. Celebrities rely on their fans and the 'common people' to make money. If no one goes and sees Tom Cruise's latest movie, then he is not going to make any money.

    Only a small percentage of the worlds population can perform to the standard that actors ans athletes do. They work hard to get to where they are today. It's supply and demand. If there were lots of people who could run really fast our play basketball really well or act well then the pay wouldn't be as large. There are many people who have the ability to be a teacher or a policeman so that industry doesn't have to use money to attract workers.

    Actors and athletes do not get paid too much. They get out what they put in. The more people that go and watch their game or see their movie, the more they will get paid. It's simple.

  • Long live capitalism!

    There average athlete / musician / works extremely hard to get to the professional level. Their careers are not as long as other occupations. They need to make more to invest for their futures. I can't stand regulations and big government. I think whoever started this asinine question has Communism in their heart and are trying to break down Capitalism anyway they can. LONG LIVE CAPITALISM!

  • I do not believe that athletes and celebrities make too much money.

    We may feel that they do, however, we are the reason that they do. Sports and entertainment is a private industry funded by fans and advertisers. The better they are the more they make. If they weren't any good they wouldn't make what they do. Justin Bieber was used as an example earlier. His fans feel that he is worth going to see and therefore buy his tickets. Without his fans buying his CDs and concert tickets he wouldn't make as much. As long as athletes and celebrities have fans they have an income, how big the income depends on how well they entertain their fans.

  • Just not debatable

    They simply have stress and the taxes they pay are even a big part of the paycheck that they receive. It's not easy working everyday for about 12 hrs and do this year round and still end up loosing a game. It' is just not an easy thing to do.

  • The free-market system, supply and demand

    Athletes are in demand. People pay to watch them in person or on TV, both of which generate revenue for the league and the owners of the individual teams. People also purchase products that have team logos and specific athletes' names on them. When I hear people state that athletes are making 'too much,' I often wonder if they prefer more of the income to go the owners. In any event, in a capitalistic economy, we should not be imposing our individual sense of morality on how willing market participants spend or accumulate wealth. And on that note, it helps to be self aware; if you think otherwise, then you must understand that you are calling for some type of socialism, and socialism eventually manifests into communism.


    Celebrities and Athletes do not make to much money. A lot of people in this world live and die by sports, celebrities, ect. So when your favorite team loses a game, a tooon of people upset. So my point is that these people have a ton of stress on them and they affect the lives of millions of people.

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