• Athletes probably like the attention

    I doubt that athletes would find it a bother because obviuosly everyone likes to feel appreciated for their own skills,for example take tiger woods he doesnt seen to be complaining. It wouldnt mean that its too much preassure because they usually want the attention and would probably feel better knowing that someone is looking up to them becaue it only shows that they are doing the right thing in what is considered as right by the people who look up to them.I would say the pressure part is mostly on the celebrity's most of the time ,with the paparazzi always poking into their personal lives as well and i dont think this is usually the case with athletes. The truth is the athlete can be a role model but it really depends on what kind of personality they actually have,but I guess you could take them as a role model because you can look up to their determination and their success in becoming an athlete in the first place. This is just my personal opinion,hope it helps.

    Posted by: Hima
  • They love it

    I myself am an athlete i love the attention because that means i am a good player if people look up to me. I find it quite appealing to have people crowding me because i made a good serve or sent the ball back or even scored a point. That is the true joy.

  • Athletes feel bothered???

    Hey guys I'm Asking y'all for your help it would be appreciated for support on my research. Do athletes like wake up with lots of emails? Or walk out of their door with people taking pictures is causing them too much pressure? There are other sorts questions main topic is should athletes be role models???

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