• I think athletes get paid wayyyyy to much!

    I think professional athletes get paid to much because there are doctors that save lives and they don't even make half as much as professional athletes do. Don't ya'll agree, I mean if u were a teacher or doctor you would be upset if you didn't get paid alot for saving lives and teaching a whole bunch of annoying kids to learn day after day and athletes can stop working but we can't and they still get there money and its annoying we should all be paid the same amount.
    PRESENTED TO U BY: London B.

  • They work hard for their money!!

    Athletes work hard to get their money and to get where they are now, they work just as hard as we do. They have to go to school in order to reach the top. You think they get paid too much because you get paid too little, well maybe you should work a little harder and you can maybe reach the money you want....

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  • No talking needed.

    If athletes need that much money (1.5 million), then teachers need about 5 times more! Its not fair that the REALLY important people in life don't get paid more than $1,000 a year! Athletes DO NOT need that much , so do not worry. Someone will fix this problem of money.

  • They don't generate that much money to give that much money.

    I do believe athletes should be paid a lot based on their talent. However, the amount that baseball players make is unbelievable. 30 million dollars a year is too much to pay a player for any sport regardless of their talent and who is willing to pay that much. There should be a hard cap across all sports to prevent that huge amount of money.

  • Athletes get paid too much.

    Some athletes get paid millions of dollars a year for simply playing a game. A lot of other jobs are more difficult, but they get paid significantly less. Society should not give so much attention to people who do something that is essentially unnecessary. Teachers, doctors, and police should get more money, not athletes.

  • If someone gave me 14 million for my work, I'd take it

    There are 2 problems with this question: (1) Not every (or even most) professional athlete makes the money that people complain about. And (2) Athletes' working careers are significantly short compared to, say, my career or my father's career. Therefore, someone should be expected to be paid more for their shorter working time. In addition, entertainment can be a perfect example of elastic demand. Owners can get away with offering large salaries because the people they are entertaining are willing to pay a lot to see pro athletes compete

  • They are not paid to much

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  • They aren't overpaid!!!!!!!!

    They get paid millions a year .That seems alot to the average person but we are the ones who pay them.We go to there games pay the entry ticket and buy conssession they are not overpaid.If you dont want them to get payed that much dont go to there games.

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  • They get triple taxes

    If they have a child they need to by clotes and food and taxes but it can end in 1 sec by breaking a leg or badly hurtig them self. There money is not coming from the people or government and that is why we think they get to much money

  • Athletes don't get overpaid!!!

    Some athletes make millions of dollars per year. That may seem unfair to average people but think about all of the people in the the world that they entertain. Also, they need the money to help their family out. Plus most super rich athletes donate a lot of the money the get.

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