• Yes they absolutely do.

    People work way harder than these athletes do, juggling work, children, lower wages, and the stress that comes with all of these. Even doctors have a hard life paying off all the student loans they have from medical school. I can't believe we even idolize these people because there are people who would sacrifice their own lives just to earn so little. Many of these athletes don't even care about their fans or even society. They're only in it for the money and that's it. They may be passionate about what they do but there is no beneficial outcome that society can gain from sports. People who actually deserve to be paid millions, Doctors, Teachers, and other well respected fields barely earn anything. In the end athletes are a bunch of egotistical maniacs that believe they are the ones who should be earning the money just because they "worked" hard by exercising and shooting balls into a basket, or hitting a ball with a stick. Yup, because that is very logical.

  • Cheap entertainment ruins other deserving professions

    Athletes pay:
    Football: 800,000 - 2,000,000 a year
    Baseball: 1,000,000 - 6,000,000 a year
    Basketball: 5.5 million a year
    NHL: 2.4 million a year

    This is the average pay for players in the following leagues in sports, all it is is cheap entertainment that people pay to enjoy and wrecks the salaries of those who deserve it more for doing HELPFUL things instead of making everyone act stupid and insane for a few hours.

    Deserving professions salaries:
    Doctors: 156,000 - 350,000 a year
    Teachers: 42,000 - 21,000 a year
    Firefighters: 42,000 a year
    Police: 42,000 - 53,000 a year
    Construction workers: 23,000-40,000 a yer

    The figures show very well, those who save lives and shape our futures get little amount of pay with the exception of most doctors. Lets also not forget the olympics, where some have spent billions to host the event than pay loads of money to those who win medals. This money should mainly be going to others.

  • A waste of time

    Even though I have enjoyed watching some sports, I can say, that it hasn't impacted my life at all in either a positive or negative way. If my team wins I'm happy for a little while, if they lose, it makes me upset for awhile. But it shouldn't make me upset at all because those feelings very quickly fade and fade even faster when my team wins. For example, most people couldn't tell you who won the Super Bowl 3 years ago or 10 years ago, etc. If it was important, most people would know these things. So are we saying we should throw billions of dollars towards something that is not important? If the NFL, NBA or MLB disappeared tomorrow the vast majority of people would be absolutely fine. Others may be a little sad for awhile but would soon find something else to occupy their time.

    On another note, the first comment in favor of high pay talked about it being so competitive that they deserve to make millions if they get there. I would argue that it is so competitive because millions of dollars can be made. I'd didn't use to be like this. For intance I spoke with a gentleman once that played football for GA Tech in the early fifties. He said they didn't even lift weights. And talking to other people like my father who played high school football and baseball in the early 70's, they didn't have near the amount of stringent time consuming activities that today's high school students do. And why is that, because there wasn't much to gain by pouring your whole life into it. That possibility exists now but unfortunately most pursing professional athletics will never make it, I believe it is a less than 1% success rate.

    This over emphasis on sports and entertainment has only been going on for about 50 years or so. In baseball I believe that Mickey mantle was the first one to sign for 100k per year and Nolan Ryan was the first to sign for 1 million. Now some of these guys sign for 25million a year, ridiculous. Especially if you look at how much time they are actually playing. A baseball player mainly stands there the whole game and I heard that the actual time that players are actually in motion during a football game is something like 20minutes. So if a football player is making 10 million a year he is making about 1.7 million an hour if you only count actual play time.

    Basically we are paying entertainers (athletes, actors, etc.) billions for very little work compared to the average working citizen and this is wrong and needs to change.

  • Yes i do

    Yes they do because they do spot that is not really benafishal to the world and they get paid 10s of millions of pounds. If they where a doctor that would not get that much money so i think that is wrong and they should have a pay cut ...

  • Athletes' pay are beyond RIDICULOUS, and YOU ARE to be blamed.

    Now look at these stats:
    NFL: 45M per year (2.37M per game)
    NBA: 28M per year (340000 per game)
    MLB: 90M per year (450000 per game)
    MLS: 8M per year (200000 per game)

    Then take a look at these:
    President: 400000 per year
    Teacher: 60000 per year MAX
    Surgeon: 250000 per year MAX
    Military: 18000 per year
    Firefighters: 45000 per year

    An MLB athlete earns as much money in just one 3-hour game as a military personnel earns in 25 years in service. This IS income inequality. Not the Rich vs the Poor, but Athlete vs Military.

    Supply and Demand. Athletes' salaries are ultimately determined by the fans themselves through tickets, merchandise, TV broadcast, sponsorships etc. WE are responsible for paying those athletes such ridiculous amounts. Do not blame on capitalism, but blame on yourselves as sports fans.

    Overpaid athletes are a reflection of screwed Americans' priorities. Just look at huge gatherings across America. How many of huge gatherings of 100000-1000000 are over sports results? Too many to count. And how many of huge gatherings are actually over things that really matter? Almost none. And if you're more upset over a call in an NFL game than the income inequality of rich vs poor, it's really time to WAKE UP. If these misplaced priorities are not fixed soon, America will collapse like Rome.

  • Teachers work too hard for them to get paid less than athletes

    Why should teachers get paid less than pro athletes just because their teaching because all that pro athletes do is Bounce Around the ball or do swimming or just hit a baseball and run around so I don't understand why pro athletes should get more money than teachers. Teachers work too hard for that stuff.

  • Athletes pay are beyond RIDICULOUS!!!

    Athletes are paid 100-1000x more money than those people working in real jobs, while doing not even 1% of the work. Look at A-Rod. 25000000 per year?!?!? Then look at teachers. 60000 per year MAX. And who's responsible for that ridiculous pay to the spoiled brat A-Rod? According to market rules, it's the CONSUMERS who eventually dictate the amount of pay. Who are the consumers? YOU. YOU attend games and pay for those expensive tickets. YOU purchase their merchandise. YOU pay for cable TV to watch sports. YOU buy hotdogs to eat during live games. Those ridiculous paychecks to pro athletes and actors are a reflection of how messed up American priorities are. How many of you crowd together to celebrate or protest over a meaningless sports results? And how many of you crowd together to protest against government's stupid policies? Americans priorities are a complete joke. These misplaced priorities and collapsed moral values will eventually bring down America as how it brought down Ancient Rome.


  • Just stop watching sports

    I have long felt they are way overpaid so I refuse to watch any paid athletes, ill watch the local hockey games. If you are lucky enough to get player of the match you get free maccas and have some fun. You cant complain about their pay if you contribute by watching them.

  • They do make too much!

    Did you know that the Teachers, police officers, and firemen commit way more than pro athletes and entertainers. Do you think entertaining fans is more important than educating students? Professional athletes and entertainers get too much money, which should go towards schools and the military.

    Teachers have the job of educating young students and teach them important things they will need for the rest of their lives. Teaching is one of the most economically important jobs because our future relies on the education. Education makes a very big impact in our lives. These people who prepare us for the future and teach us new things everyday only make an average of $54,740 a year. That amount is so little compared to what pro athletes and entertainers make.

    Firemen, police officers, and doctors save lives while risking their own. People in the military leave their family to protect and defend our country knowing they may never return. These people are heroes, and people don't give the same roconization by the people as athletes do.

    Some people may forget the most important man in our nation,the president. The president only makes $400,000 dollars a year. While President Trump is hard at work everyday making hard decisions while professional athletes are making more than he does!

    Fans love watching sports on TV and even live. Sports bring families together, like the Super Bowl! Mostly everyone invites over friends and family and dresses all out just for a football game! Although, some may argue that teachers only teach a small group of kids, while pro athletes are entertaining fans all around the world. The only reason pro athletes make so much is because we love to watch their games. They get billions of dollars from media companies for the rights to show games on television and other video devices.They pay that money because they know millions of people will watch the games.

    A lot of people may think that the actors and athletes deserve the money. Not many people have the skill to act or play sports. Making it to pro takes hard dedication and work and a tremendous amount of time practicing. Even though actors and professional athletes have better skill than most normal people their job is like everyone else’s. These people do nothing more than entertain the public.

    I can say I enjoy watching sports, but it hasn't impacted my life at all. Honestly athletes don't need all of that money just because they are famous. Does entertaining fans come before education?

  • Athletes make way way way to much money!

    We have many ppl who help us, for example doctors teachers and fire fighters but they dont get paid very much. On the other end athletes get paid 2.6 million$$$$$. Thats way way way more than ppl who help us. So therefore i think they get paid way to much.

  • Why do we care?

    Why do we care how much money athletes make. It's not like they affect the other job-salaries at all. A teacher or a doctor would make the same amount of money if Kobe Bryant made 100 thousand a year, or 100 million a year. We need to focus on more important things than athlete's salaries.

  • No they do not

    Just think about the injuries that can happen to them that one reason the other is that they have been working for this there whole lives would you what to get paid for something you been working for that long that why they get paid that much money they deserve it

  • Athletes get paid more than people in the military

    Our military men are fighting in the war to save lives and not get paid much when our athletes just make a score. Marines and the army should get paid more than athletes. We shouldn't just let athletes get paid more than our men fighting for our country, Its more scary in war then going vs. Another ball team.

  • Why would you pay someone more who sits at a desk all day

    Why would you want to pay people who sit on a laptop all day rather than paying people who have to work their tail off every day physically and mentally.They have more talent,its like saying you would pay a factory worker more than a factory manager,It is very dumb and underthought.

  • The truth is sad, but...

    While anybody can be a doctor or a policeman, few have what it takes to be a professional athlete. Professional athletes are less common than "local heroes," so they will always make more money. It might be sad, but it's the truth. Regardless, the general public is in no position to set limits on how much professional athletes earn.

  • No they do not!

    Just imagine how many people that is trying to become an elite athlete and how few that actually can become one! The competition and pressure is huge! Those who finally becomes an elite athlete must be extremely talented and must have (and still does) train many hours a day! !

  • They take the risk of getting hurt

    Athletes get paid a high salary, entertain their fans, but they also work very hard and risk their hygiene. Sometimes they get so hurt that they end up not playing at all anymore. So you can't say they get paid too much when they risk their own body when playing out on the field.

  • Way too much for them

    Athletes work only a few months out of the year, playing a limited number of games. For example, NFL football players, some of the highest paid professional athletes, only play sixteen regular season games, four preseason games and a maximum of four post season games, giving them a total of 24 games on the season. David Beckham is one of the highest paid players in the history of soccer and definitely the highest paid in MLS; he was paid 250 million dollars to play for five years and ended up getting hurt in one of his first games. I think that is absurd and a waste of money.

  • No they do not

    The athletes are good at what they do so that is what they get paid for and they work hard they hav lots of fans who are willing to come and lay to wach them and likes Ronaldo makes mulla cause he worked really really hard to get where he is now.

  • Compared to the owners.. No

    The owners make the real money.. People are so short sided.. The owners control everything. A player can't listen to Beats headphones, because the owners have a deal with someone else or simply are not getting paid by Beats/Apple or anyone. College Football makes millions.. Ah forget it. You hear about the big contracts, but most players make far less than the Drew Brees or Payton Manning. Also, the avg career is short.. The trauma to your body is forever..

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