Do athletes get too much media attention and money?

  • More media attention means more $$$$ for these athletes.

    And in the United States this is even worse. There's a correlation between average NFL player pay and TV viewership figures. WE are contributing to them. Most of media channels dedicate much of their airtime to sports news, at the cost of more important news like science, tech and education that have more impact on the lives of millions. And don't get me started on hedonistic American people who obsessed with sports. Their priorities are a joke. This is in sharp contrast with those in developing countries. Chinese and Indian kids are working hard to be the next Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking or to excel at math/science/engineering; American kids are watching NBA/NFL/MLB/NHL/NASCAR/K. Kardashian-related shit on TV or aiming to be the next Tiger Woods at best (which they only got a .1% chance of making it to the pros). 99% of pro athletes does NOT contribute to society.
    Athletes work hard too, but among all other professions, they work hard the LEAST. The military work even harder, 24/7 with NO SLEEP!! People should be watching a livestream teacher teaching a class or a surgeon performing a surgery.

  • Athletes are getting too much attention

    It the media focused less on sports and more on areas and the sciences the publuc would benefit from it because it would create a far more educated society. Sometime athletes even get so much media attention for the bad things making them very bad role models for todays youth. They may think the the way to get attention is to do something bad.

  • They are great at what they do but they get paid way to much

    Athletes train very hard and we all see that. But you don't see other sports getting paid that much even other jobs getting a salary of that much money. Doctors save people's lives, just think what if a doctor saved one of those athletes lives ummmm I think that they should deserve more money.

  • Sports are not all that grade

    I think athletes get way more attention than what is needed. When you look at drama or art they don't get as much attention as sports. I was walking by the trophy display and I saw these huge trophies for the sports and then for drama there was this pathetic trophy made out of clay. I found that absolutely ridiculous because people who are involved in drama and art work just as hard as athletics.

  • Sports are overrated

    One of my major pet peeves is sports. Sports get priority on TV(many an episode of Scorpion were postponed) and all the NORMAL guys at my school do nothing but talk about them. They're just people with more muscle than brain complexity! Much more. Pretty soon people will be building places of worship for sports.

  • I mean, really?

    Nobody needs or deserves 100 million dollars in a year. I mean, what are you DOING with all that money? At its core, athletics is playing games. Although athletes do need to train hard, EVERYONE needs to train hard. Doctors spend many years in medical school. Any form of scientist needs lots of training. Athletes aren't even helping people. It also creates an unhealthy atmosphere. Many, many, people want to become athletes. However, very, very, few people can actually become pro athletes. This wastes people's time. Yes, you can think of their disadvantaged past, but how many disadvantaged people forgo other opportunities to make pro sports and then don't make it?

  • Too much $ but enough attention.

    Athletes are meant to entertain, and be watched, but why all the $? If they get paid that much to kick a ball, we should all just drop the important things in life and go do that. Now they shouldn't show off so much. I am not saying all of them do, but some.

  • Athletes get too much media attention and money

    Athletes do get too much media attention and money. This is because of the fact that athletes get paid way, way more than their services are worth. Athletes could easily be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars less per year, and still be considered upper class based on their income.

  • Yes too much money

    Athletes are paid way too much. They don't get too much media attention as it is the media's job to cover entertainment. However to pay a single player hundreds of millions of dollars just for being able to hit the ball is insane. There are too many people struggling for this to be considered okay.

  • Yes, sports are given too much media attention.

    Sports are fun and athletics teaches us to do our best and to use our bodies well. However, the media gives big sports too much attention at the expense of other important things happening in the world. A game is still, after all, a game, and we need to keep perspective.

  • The public pays them

    We people willingly pay them in return of the entertainment and hardwork they give. Its not easy to go on the field and perform a game. It takes hell lot of practice and time. Just think abut it. They put all their time and effort in their performance . Heck they don't even get enough time to spend with their families. What they get is what they deserve.

  • They don't get too much attention and money!!!!!

    SERIOUSLY !!!!!!!! They don't get too much media attention and money because they do all that hard work practice and risk their safety in the competition for our entertainment. Doesn't everything entertaining get a lot of attention on the media and if they do all that hard work and take those risks just for us don't they deserve that big stack of cash, that you won't get in in 5 years of working.

  • NO... They Deserve More

    Have you even thought of how hard these athletes work and the effort they give. All the haters should put themselves in an athletes shoes for one day you would see why they deserve more money. I think the main reason for this is because some people are jealous. Thank You For Letting Me State My Opinion!!!

  • NO... They Deserve More

    Have you even thought of how hard these athletes work and the effort they give. All the haters should put themselves in an athletes shoes for one day you would see why they deserve more money. I think the main reason for this is because some people are jealous. Thank You For Letting Me State My Opinion!!!

  • Really. . .

    Why are some people so ignorant these days. Do you not understand that maybe you shouldn't judge those athletes. I mean you are not a professional athlete and you are not in their shoes. I mean seriously. For all you know they were poor as a child and could not afford schooling. So instead of putting their heads down and becoming a bum on the street they trained. You do not need money for that. Maybe they were abused of some sort and the only way they could anything off their mind was that one sport or entertaining people. The only reason you people complain is because you get poor pay. But if you get a raise in your job you'll be great and happy. Then people will start talking about YOU in the job. Asking themselves, "How come i didn't get a promo? Guess what they will say, "Its the fault of that one guy with the raise!

    I have much respect for all our doctors and military and i am not saying they are worthless because they are not. But you must admit they get some attention too. All some people say ,including me, is that you should not judge untill you have lived their life.

  • They deserve the attention.

    Before these athletes became famous, they had to train. The athletes spend more than 12 hours a week training and before that they had the specific goal in mind to achieve. Some athletes even go on diets so they get fitter for their sport. As kids they would have always dreamt of getting that good at the sport and they would spend as much of their free time practicing and training, so don't deserve all the attention and money they get if they put that much effort into getting as good as they are?

  • No, they are entertainers.

    No, athletes do not get too much media attention and money, because they are entertainers. Athletes provide a great deal of entertainment, including live entertainment and on television. Just like royalty, people like to follow the personal lives of the athletes that they watch on television. There is nothing inappropriate about it.

  • Athletes Don't Receive Too Much Attention or Money

    To be honest, athletes don't receive too much media attention or money. The success of a given sport dictates how much athletes are paid. Salaries have increased because team owners now have far more money to spend on these players. With that in mind, some athletes receive too much attention for their negative actions.

  • Athletes get too much media attention and money.

    Athletes get more attention and money than they deserve. Although they are popular, athletes do not contribute anything constructive to society. Other professions should get a lot more money. For example, people like fire fighters, teachers, and police officers should get more money because their services are necessary for society.

  • We build them up.

    They are getting exactly what we ask for from them. We treat them like gods and demand for more all the time. Their number one job is to show boat and feed our need for heroes, even though they are not true heroes. The real people who should be getting this attention though is our troops.

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