Do Attractive People Have Advantages Over Others?

  • It is a shame yet it is true.

    We live in a society which idolizes the famous, but it is far easier to have fame if you're better looking, take singing competitions where Simon Cowell openly ventures 'you could make a great pop-star' because this poor individual is more marketable due to their attractiveness. Secondly Kim Kardashian, who has no discernible talent apart from her looks. Finally, think about pretty girls who get what they want all their life simply because they can smile sweetly, it is an advantage which no one would ignore and is incredibly natural to admire.

  • They really do

    Most people would subconsciously hire an attractive person before an unattractive person. Research has shown that attractive children are yelled at and disciplined less than unattractive children. Which means right from the beginning the attractive children will have more confidence and are getting a better start to life. They also make friends more easily.

  • Yes, attractive people have more advantages that others

    I believe that most people, myself included, are more likely to give an attractive person the benefit of the doubt than an unattractive person. Attractive people incite positive feelings in others, and those positive feelings tend to make us see them more favorably than non-attractive people. Based on those positive feelings, I think we give attractive people a leg up over others- whether in work or social situations.

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