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  • His theories have been disproven.

    Bates' theories were a nice try, but the science behind his theories did not pan out. Some people said that they saw improvement, but chances are, his improvements were nothing more than the placebo effect. Other scientists have studied if the eye refracts and expands like he said, and there is no evidence that it does.

  • Probably not too likely.

    As someone who has very bad eyesight, and has tried many different things, I do not thing the Bates method exercises will work. I think that they may possibly work for someone who has just a slight problem with their eyes. However, the majority of us with eye problems will see no difference.

  • There is no evidence that they work

    The Bates method was to get rid of glasses and use relaxation techniques and other exercises with the theory that one could strengthen eyes and not need glasses. There is no evidence that this techinque actually works. Wikipedia and Web MD have several references to articles written on this topic, and they all conclude it doesn't work.

  • The Bates method does not improve eyesight.

    The Bates method does not improve eyesight. Bates thought that eyeglasses were useless and that we could train our eyes just like the rest of our body to improve it. However, his teachings and methods were practiced without any positive results. Turns out he was just fabricating truths to sell some books.

  • Bates Methods Improve Nothing

    Bates' methods have not been proven to improve eyesight, so we shouldn't say that they do so. With that in mind, his techniques cannot be recommended to people because there's no scientific basis behind them. Individuals should be very careful when trying out these methods because they may not produce any results.

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