• Baylor and TCU deserve to be in the College Football Playoffs

    The decision to be in the playoffs should be based on the school's record and not an arbitrary decision that the schools' conference do not have a conference title. If the college playoffs should not be based on winning a conference title but on performance and weight of scoring in their final game.

  • Baylor and TCU deserve to be in the College Footbal Playoffs

    TCU and Baylor both deserve to be in the College Football Playoffs because their records show complete dominance on the field. While schools from more powerhouse conferences may boast stronger schedules, schools such as Baylor and TCU deserve the opportunity to show that they are capable of competing at the highest level.

  • It is the Way it Is

    The idea of having a committee decide which teams will move on to the playoffs is a method that is fraught with the possibility of mix-ups, but it's the world that college football has created. No matter who was chosen, numbers five and six would be angry, and feel that they were robbed of an important chance.

  • No, TCU and Baylor do not deserve to be in the College Football Playoffs.

    As upset as TCU and Baylor fans are, I'm sorry to say that I still do not believe that these teams should have made it into the College Football Playoffs. Granted, these are both very good football teams, which they've more than amptly illustrated over the course of the season. But with only four playoff spots available, some very hard choices had to be made, and I believe that the committee made the right choice.

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