• Yes and Of course

    Beauty Pageants are for community service not only for focusing on wealth and beauty. People who BELIEVES (it is not a fact, it is their opinion) that beauty pageants are useless does not know much about that the Real point of why people do beauty pageants! Also they are making and opinion they will soon or later regret.

  • Beauty Contests are Not Pointless

    Most beauty contests like beauty pageants, the are non-profit organizations. Since 2007, Miss America pageant raised over 13 billion for "Children Miracle Network Hospitals"( program where hospitals that provide 32 million treatments each year to kids across the U.S). The main point of these contests are for fundraising and community service. Many times, the winners of beauty pageants like "Miss America" go to shelters to help homeless veterans.

  • Beauty Contest Winners Give Back

    More often than not, beauty contest winners give back to their local community in some way. They might volunteer in the community or donate money. Not all winners take such great actions, but a decent proportion of beauty contest winners do do this. With that in mind, it's always good to give back.

  • Yes, beauty winners give back to society.

    I believe that beauty winners give back to society. Beauty pageants bring enjoyment to many people, both the contestants and the viewers. Also, many beauty winners have very noble philanthropies. They can use their achievement to bring awareness to their philanthropy, whether it be homelessness, AIDS or illiteracy in the United States.

  • Some beauty contest winners do a lot for their community.

    While not every beauty contest winner has gone in a philanthropic direction, many beauty contest winners have used their win as a springboard to take a cause very close to their hearts. It is also true that being a beauty pageant queen does not automatically equate to giving back, it does provide the status that is sometimes needed to spread the word about a cause.

  • Beauty Contests Distort Body Images

    Making charitable appearances in parades don't give back to society. Giving speeches to kids in school doesn't give back to society. Beauty contest winners tout makeup, diet drinks, food, beauty products and more, all in the name of a distorted body image that is impossible for normal young women to attain. Instead of beauty contests, everyone should help feed the hungry or house the homeless instead of ogling women who use whatever means necessary to look impossibly perfect.

  • Beauty contest winners have their own agenda

    No, I do not believe that beauty contest winner give back to society. First off, they really don't receive a large amount of money to contribute back into society. They are usually a small time girl that works on the side at a low paying job while trying to attend school. Winners mostly likely take their winnings and put it toward their future, if they are smart. Beauty is only skin deep and only last for long until the next pretty face comes into town.

  • Beauty contest winners do not give back to society.

    Beauty contest winners do not give back to society. For most of the winners, they do not give back nearly enough. I think they should donate any winnings to a charity or foundation to make it fair to everyone. The amount of money that they are awarded is not nearly the amount that the spend preparing for the competition.

  • Beauty Contests Are Pointless

    I do not believe that beauty contest winners give back to society. I feel as though the whole beauty contest circuit is a business industry and it is there to profit and make money. I do not believe the contestants have bad intentions, but I do not think they serve any real purpose.

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