Do beauty pageants do more good (yes) or harm (no)?

  • Yes, beauty pageants are great.

    Every girl has their own likes and interests. If a girl feels like she wants to participate in pageants, she can do so. Pageants can boost a girl's confidence by making them feel good about how they look and feel less insecure, if that is the case. They can embrace girls’ beauty, making them feel more confident. In pageants, they also include things like showing off the talents that you have, and testing your speaking skills and education. The contestants can also earn scholarships from pageants. Pageants can make a women happy, and give them something to be determined toward, and strive to reach their goal.

  • Yes beauty pageants do to much harm

    They go around thinking they are better than everybody .Wearing crop tops high hell shoes a lot of make up and the the are like 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 years old and then thinking they can be grown and have boy and girl friends having baby's and
    yes the are to flippy and fast

  • Do beauty pageants do more harm than good.

    Yes beauty pageants are very harmful to our society.They show to much skin. It changes the way they act towards everything they see ,and want to always change their apperence they wear short skirts ,croptops ,high heels and a lot of make up they change their apperence because they are in these pageants they lose self-esteem they starve thier selves they shut their media and communication lines and they sometimes try to comint suicide . Girls at beauty pageants talk really bad to the other contestenst and they shut them down. So i sya that beauty pageants are very harmful to our society and our children.

  • Beauty pageants rock

    Beauty pageants are good. They teach you different things. They help you get a better education and have a better chance to be a model. If I had a chance I would Join the beauty pageant. It helps you be more confident about your self. Beauty pageants are really awesome. Thank-you.

  • Yes, beauty pageants are outdated.

    Beauty pageants mostly just tell (primarily) young girls and women that their greatest value is in the way that they look and their "wholesomeness and virtue." Pageants are outdated, sexist and harmful. Even if they do help some women find sources of esteem, they could find that joy from accomplishments that don't involve their looks or their clothes and it would probably lead to a deeper personal meaning.

  • Yes, more good in normal situations.

    Under normal situations I think beauty pageants are good thing that can do a lot more good than harm. One, the person should have to be a certain age. It is not right to put young children out there, but older girls it is fine. It helps boost their self esteem, makes them feel special, and it is a great hobby.

  • Pageants are good for various reasons

    I think that pageants give self esteem, help kids with disability's have confidence, and the help family's out financially such as scholarships. Although pageants such as glitz competitions are exploiting and can sometimes cause lots of drama, not all pageants are glitz. Toddlers and tiaras is entertainment, not the truth.

  • Beauty pageants damage self-confidence and moral opinions

    When people go to beauty pageants, they watch girls have a contest to see who is the prettier out of the bunch. Not only does this make the losers feel absolutely horrible about themselves, thinking that they are ugly and unworthy of anything, but it also makes the winner feel that much more pretentious about herself. These contests are extremely unfair, because some girls will look attractive to some, but unattractive to others. In conclusion, beauty pageants are just not a good idea in general.

  • Stop the stereotypes

    Young girls and women do not need to get the idea that they have to be the prettiest little princess in order to succeed. Most women such as Anne frank, susan Anthony and Malala did not have to win a pageant or be on the front cover of the newspaper for them to do amazing things. Also, It pressures girls to be the best and losing can lead to serious mental damage. Let's take a stand to stop the stereotypes.

  • It is one of the main source of corruption

    We're all born beautiful. It is unfair to compete by beauty. We must accept our true selves. Women in pageants struggles the souls of men instead of a figure that will save their souls. Women will become sex figures instead of a loving figure. This is the top enemy of peace that must end and replace by a meaningful happiness. It's ok to me that people do not contented to material things like condo units, they do no harm if they work hard for it. But women's desire to be beautiful harms men, an instinct that must end. We must wait for our future partner, we will be loved if we did meaningful things.

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  • They are sick

    Pageants are disgusting they are treating kids like crap.
    They are being sought to exploit their bodies, and that image is the only thing that matters.
    Kids are wearing stripper outfits tons of makeup and fake teeth.
    And to top it off they are being judged, if they don't win they may feel to fat or thin or ugly which can lead to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia

  • Do beauty pageants do more harm than good.

    Yes they are a disgrace little girls and teens should not have to wear makeup they need to show their natural beauty. First off they show to much skin second they wear hair extensions and they should use their own hair they put the girls that don't win down they lower their self-estem and it lowers their self-confidence girls should not have to compete to see who is the the prettiest out of hundreds of thousand of girl they should all win not rub it in each others faces. Girls in pageants put the other contestants down so they have more of an opportunity to wins yes the beauty pageants of this year do way more harm than good in the society of this world or country.

  • Do beauty pageants do more harm than good

    Yes they do because it lowers young girls self-esteem and will make them hurt their selves our society puts beautiful little girls and teens in pageants but look at the ending outcome they sometimes lose and will not do it ever again but some parents force their children to do something that they do not want to do but still makes them do it. I think that it is unfair and shows way to much skin these girls of our society are looking up to beautiful ladies and change the way the look ,act ,and walk,dress and most of all it changes their attitudes towards their families and school and to their friends. So i personally think that beauty pageants do a lot of harm to these beautiful young ladies of 2015-2016.

  • Its a disgrace

    Little children should have a dummy in their mouth, playing with play keys, not have fake teeth in their mouth or play with fake hair extensions. Its absolutely stupid to think these little girls get spray tans, wear hair extentions, wear fake teeth, wear cake loads of makeup. They should be banned everywhere. Rant over

  • Behind the Glitz and Glamour of Child Beauty Pageants

    Beauty pageants are a controversial topic when contestants are children who do not have the mentality to make their own decisions. Parents love to flaunt their beautiful baby to the world with no harm intended; parents decisions regarding beauty pageant competition can lead to their child having lifelong emotional problems. Problems include poor self-body image and self-esteem, eating disorders and stress. Parents have the mentality that everyone in the world will perceive their beautiful child as they do, to love them and not harm the child. Beauty pageants can also have negative effects on parents who cannot afford the glitz and glamour associated with pageant lives. Parents are the main support group for their child’s safety, and promotion of beauty pageant competition can be harmful children’s health and wellbeing.

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