Do beauty pageants serve a purpose in society?

Asked by: Ashan914
  • Don't be fooled by the stupid TV series

    A well organized beauty pageant she should be beneficial for children. They gain confidence, learning how to speech and making new friends. Seriously, the Toddlers & Tiaras is a sick TV show for pedophiles, it has nothing to do with the actual beauty pageant. Listening to me and listening to me and listening to me

  • Builds speaking skills and self confidence!

    I've competed in a beauty pageant and being in a beauty pageant is an amazing experience. I don't think anyone can say how bad it is for girls or woman to be in it until they've experienced it for themselves. When I first started in pageants it was hard because I didn't think I was pretty enough but the pageant teaches you to love yourself and have confidence. And I hate when people say that girls in pageants aren't smart, most girls in the beauty pageants and as well I have a 4.0 in school, you can be beautiful and smart. And if you really want to say that pageants are forcing girls to artificial beauty, then never wear makeup or watch any sport because that's the same thing. Don't talk about how bad it is till you've been threw it!

  • Beauty pageants are bad for young girls

    Beauty pageants teach young girls that they are not people, they are objects. The only purpose they serve is to make young girls feel bad about themselves and make them think they will never be perfect. I don't think it is a good idea to enter your children in them

  • Teaching women to rely on artificial beauty and to be immodest.

    It also teaches men seek on that kind of woman. Beauty pageant is a lie, a false happiness. Chaste men and modest women are now like historical buildings being demolished. It is also like a prostitution that demeans not only women but also humanity.
    Women in beauty pageants end up doing demeaning things such as pole dancer.

  • Lowering the self esteem of women!!!!

    Most women on beauty pageants have flawless hair and features. Naturally , young women will want to look like that. Even child beauty pageants are worthless. They dressed their children up in grown clothes and wonder why the kids get spoiled! So no, I don't think that they don't contribute to society.

  • Forcing girls and women to artificial beauty

    It affects the destiny of most women. Many dreamed to have jobs men did such as military service, but instead they end up sexploiting themselves. I'm sad for the future that women will become more hot and men will be tormented by their hotness. The promise for the better future never happens.

  • They are immodest and artificially beautiful.

    I formerly watch pageants in TV and now I hate watching these lies. For me, the most beautiful women are Rey in Star Wars episode 7 that appears no make-up and other female characters that appears modest and flat chest in movies.
    I love pretty modest women and I lust (fantasizing)immodest hot women. I'm a true fan of natural beauty and a mutual hater of hot women(they provide me a very addictive pleasure so I hate them but I keep hot photos for fantasizing)

  • Lower girls self-esteem

    A beauty pageant is a contest that defines you as a person and they have you walk across and stage just for people to judge you on what you look like, how you walk and even how you talk and you have people judging you and just giving you a number that doesn't define who you are

  • Harms of beauty pageant

    It is my opinion that beauty pageant would only lower the self-confidence of the plain girl, and will increase the number of self-haters .Furthermore, beauty pageant will also bring about more dieters ,which will , consequently , bring about more sick girls . So the only purpose beauty pageants service is the destruction of girls .

  • Sets a wrong mind-set

    Beauty pageants in general are a make believe world, a separate dimension. Even for grown woman it sets a belief that is false, of prettiness. They may carry this rose tinted view into the real world which is where the self esteem they earned in the pageant can be blatantly shutdown leading to all those dieters and self-haters. Especially in old age where the "beauty" that in the pageants has faded, reminiscing of being beautiful can have negative side effects when one should enjoy their life. What beauty pageants should aim for which is essentially impossible, is to not judge, but bring out true, natural beauty. That's the only beauty that lasts for your entire lifetime.
    For Kids, god, its beyond disgusting. Kids especially can confuse the make believe world of the pageant with the real world and this will greatly harm their future outlook on life. Its pretty much psychological torture...Really there is nothing else to say...

  • Some Pageants shouldn't define you

    Beauty pageants don't serve a purpose in society. You mostly only do pageants to compete, to prove a point, and to see whose the "prettiest" girl. However, a beauty pageant shouldn't define who you are. You are perfect just the way you are and you shouldn't let some pageant define and say who you are.

  • I don't believe so

    To me a beauty pageant is just a judgement on the way you and others look. In today's society people are all about being who you are and not caring what others think but yet there are these competitions of appearances. When someone loses a beauty competition they feel as though they aren't pretty enough or even as good as the other person.

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