Do beauty pageants serve a purpose in today's society?

  • Gain confidence, meet new people, and learn public speaking

    As a current title holder, I believe pageants have a huge purpose in today's society. It's an easy way to gain confidence, meet new people and gain friendships, and also to learn new public speaking skills. Pageants have a huge impact on many young women through out the whole world.

  • Pageants provide a community with a positive role model.

    Pageants promote self confidence, leadership, poise, and strong public speaking skills just to name a few benefits. Being crowned a queen in a local community is an opportunity for a young woman to be a role model to her community and post importantly to younger girls and women, to increase her self confidence and to improve her public speaking skills. These are all characteristics that will serve her will in her future.
    Pageants give all of the contestants a chance to learn about themselves and to branch out of their comfort zones to better themselves. Have you ever had to give an onstage speech in front of hundreds of people? Have you had to answer a question about your community and how you can better it, with no preparation and make it cohesive and articulate? These are all things that you may have to do as an adult and things that pageant contestants have to do on stage.
    The pageant winner then has the responsibility to her community to portray a positive image when visiting other communities . She does this not just when she is there in an official capacity, but 24/7 during her reign.
    Most pageants require a contestant to develop a resume and do interviews. This just helps to improve these life skills for future use when applying for jobs, scholarships, etc.
    Overall, pageants are a very positive event and absolutely serve the purpose of strengthening skills, building self confidence and improving leadership skills.

  • They give many confidence.

    When I first started doing pageants, I had little to no self esteem. I self harmed, was suicidal, and had eating disorder tendencies. I also had extremely bad anxiety and social anxiety. Pageants have given me not only more confidence, but a way to meet others who share the same interests. It is a way to get your platform out there and bring awareness to things that may be taboo or tend to be overshadowed, ie mental health awareness. While some parents go overboard in pageants, many children who do natural ones such as NAM or MAC are very thoughtful, well spoken young ladies. In these pageants and ones such as MAO or Miss USA, interview and talent play a humongous part in scoring; your answers must be thoughtful and show you personality while showing you have a true understanding of current events and situations in daily life.
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with pageants. There are very few kids I have met through pageantry that do not enjoy them. Many even meet their best friends through it. If doing pageants gives people confidence and makes them happy with themselves, who are others to judge it?

  • Beauty Pageants in Today's Society

    I think that today, beauty pageants are looked at all over the world. As a little girl, I would look at the pageant girls and wish to be them. Now days, society holds girls' appearances to such a high standard. When girls look at these pageant queens who have the flawless bodies, they turn to extreme dieting and unhealthy diet pills that are terrible for your bodies. Society can no longer accept girls for what they look like. God made us all unique and the body shaming takes a toll on women in today's society.

  • YES! Pageants are more than just physical appearance

    If people would learn more than just what the see on TV they would know that pageants are more than just the persons appearance. The two heavily weighted categories of a pageants are talent and the private interview. The purpose of beauty pageants is to promote a charity that is close to the competitors heart not just how good their hair and make-up looks.

  • Of Course They Serve a Purpose.

    I love competing in pageants! When I started competing, my self-confidence was non-existent. Through the various pageants and systems I competed in, I learned to love myself and feel good about who I was. Through pageants I have also learned public speaking skills, leadership skills, and interview skills, just to name a few. I have learned how to answer impossible questions while under a lot of pressure, and believe me; this skill comes in handy a lot. I love volunteering and before I had my title, people would just push me aside when I wanted to help. When I was crowned, charities and non profits were blowing up my phone to have my help out at their event. I was ecstatic. I have made numerous friends from around the country and I would not trade any of my pageant days for anything.

  • Confidence is the key

    Beauty pageants are not all about the beauty. Nine times out of ten if a girl participating has all the confidence in the world yet may not be the "prettiest" goes out there and struts herself and shows that she is a beautiful confident girl she will crush her competition.

  • Strengthen women in many ways

    A lot of young girls enter pageants insecure and afraid to voice their opinion. Many leave pageants, win or lose. With many skills such as leadership skills and the ability to speak in public. Which are great skills to acquire in life. "the unrealistic bar" is to be live a healthy lifestyle ? Whats wrong with living a healthy lifestyle and feeling better about your self ?

  • Yes they are a competition

    Yes beauty pageants do have a purpose in today's world. They are a form of competition and can teach people a lot of good. The issue is that too many people get too caught up in them and turn them into something they aren't meant to be. When this happens beauty pageants are no longer good for society.

  • Objectification of women is important for Capitalism

    If we want stores like department stores to continue to thrive in the modern times, we need to encourage the objectification of women. There are many reasons for this, but the two big ones are that it is already in place in most Judeo-Christian societies. Secondly, it encourages a healthy economy.

  • They Are a Waste of Time

    1 in 10 models suffer from depression cause they aren't satisfied with the way they look. Everyone is always like, Be yourself, Don’t change for anyone. Then why are these women being taught how to act. Why are they taught to answer hard questions in a short amounts of time? What will that really do?

  • They suck ass

    Because I said so , its stupid we have girls here with eating disorders cuz of the standards society puts on beauty pageants . There are so many other reasons , it really objectifies women. It doesn't matter and it shouldn't. Its just a waste of time that you could use on something thats actually good for you

  • We Need To Appreciate Everyone

    You shouldn't enter a beauty pageant just to feel appreciated for something you have, that is why you have friends. They accept you for who you are even if you may not the appealing to many. There is no reason why one should have to change themselves for others to accept them.

  • Beauty Pageants Are a Form of Discrimination

    Only women with a certain body build have any chance at winning a beauty pageant. And how can they attain that type of build? Either through genetics or unhealthy dieting. Unhealthy dieting, as its name suggests, is bad for you for obvious reasons. And this whole concept of genetics is similar to the eugenics movement. It is essentially impossible for some (most) people to win a beauty pageant. Therefore, this is DISCRIMINATION against people with a certain body build. This is the 21st century. I thought we were beyond discrimination. Additionally, there are much more important things in this life than beauty. This is a capitalist society. In capitalism, education is the key to success. Nowhere does beauty play a role in capitalism. In fact, beauty has nothing to do with communism either, but that's irrelevant since the only things that have to do with it are dictatorship, propaganda, and lies. And that is just limited to this life. What about the eternal? "Man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart." (1 Samuel 16:7)

  • Beauty Pageants Are a Form of Discrimination!

    What difference does it make to you who a group of five or so people think is the most beautiful? You get no gain from them, and some people look up to people in the pageants and try to look like them, even though that is impossible to achieve and is physically harmful for that person. Additionally, there are much more important things in this world than beauty. Beauty pageants suggest that the chief purpose of the existence of women is for their beauty. On the other hand, capitalism suggests that those who work hard in life will end up succeeding. And working hard is done in school. Education will bring about success in this world, so why don't we focus on being smart? Being beautiful is meaningless and won't help you in life, with the possible exception that you would find a spouse or become a model. But even then, anything you achieve because of a beauty pageant can be achieved by other means. Most married people did not win or participate in beauty pageants. However, if you don't take your education seriously, you are going to have issues in this life. More likely than not, you will not have the opportunity to achieve success as a celebrity. Anyway, only women with a certain body build will have any chance at winning a beauty pageant, which is DISCRIMINATION. This is the 21st century. I thought we were trying to get beyond discrimination.

  • A hardline caricaturization of Womanhood

    Most of the beauty pageants who are awarded share the following traits, barring few exceptions- 1.) fair complexion, 2.) slim figure, 3.) use of cosmetics to enhance beauty in order to fit themselves along archaic ideas of feminine beauty. Thus, it is clear these pageants motivates young women to choose wrong models who have done nothing other than enhancing their natural looks which just fits into a patriarchal definition of what a women should look like. Making them wear skimpy, outfit etc. Beauty pageants are not a celebration of womanhood but a barbed wire that is as pungent as the idea of racism. Instead there should be competitions that recognise women who are actually doing something on ground and bringing change in the lives of people.

  • Its changing our society

    Young women and little girls are wanting to look up to the wrong people such as beauty pageants ladies and our society is telling these girls to live up to these standards and that we have to be flawless but that's impossible so these girls are putting themselves on drugs or unhealthy diets and its bad for their health. Therefore beauty
    pagents do more harm than good.

  • What is the purpose of beauty pageants

    I think that beauty pageants are just for people that want to show off there kids to the world and for women to off their bodies to show how skinny they are but you should think of how much money they need for bills and taxes but they need money for pageants.

  • Bc i no.

    No they don't. They just don't okay. Because I said so, they just don't. I said they don't. I'm really really reeeaaaaally really hungry so I am not in the mood to argue. I'm just here to proclaim that they don't. End of discussion. Thanks y'all for reading this and wasting your time on my unreasonable rant bc I'm hungry :)

  • It Downgrades Self-Esteem

    I may not identify as a female, but I do believe that beauty pageants are a bad thing for today's society. First of all, so many people around the world are self-conscious due to them not fitting in with "Today's Standards". It could lead someone to an eating disorder which is probably not the best thing for someone to go through. I know people who harm themselves because they aren't comfortable with they're body. Thanks for taking time out of your day to read this. Oh also, I'm not a feminist.

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