• Safe Multiple Vaccines

    I personally think that it is safe to receive multiple vaccines is great because it helps get out any sickness that is in an individuals body. I personally think that it is safe to receive multiple vaccines because it helps the atmosphere as well as the environment stay cleaned and not get as many sicknesses.

  • Yes it's safe.

    Vaccines are perfectly safe. Yeah, there have been a few mishaps along the way, but they are statistically almost zero. Each vaccine is for a different strain, and gives your body the resistence it needs against it. The idea that multiple vaccines is unsafe is completely untrue and founded in quackery.

  • They Do It In Milltary All The Time

    People seem to be taking this issue to far. While I am sure there are cases of people getting sick in some way from these vaccines. For the most part they are safe and save the Mass population from outbreaks. While the military does do multiple vaccines, they also spread them out. Common sense usually prevails in these situations.

  • Yes, if medical research supports it

    If extensive medical research has been conducted on one person receiving multiple vaccines, and trustworthy doctors recommend multiple vaccines, then I believe that it is okay and safe to receive multiple vaccines. In fact, vaccines can guard against many harms that could befall a person without obtaining the necessary vaccine.

  • Science proves it.

    Yes, I believe that it is safe to receive multiple vaccines, because it is shown by science that the vast majority of vaccines are safe. Vaccines are also tested before they are released to the public, for how they will react in relation to other vaccines. They are far safer to get than not get.

  • Some people do not believe in vaccines

    In more recent years, people have not been vaccinating their children. Some believe that it may cause autism, some want it to be their choice. While others just forget.
    I personally believe that vaccines are safe but I am putting this in con because of all the idiots who would believe this.

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