Do believe that an administrative division of any country has the right to secede from said country?

Asked by: thesouthwillrise
  • Yes, but with a very good reason

    I am all about rights and liberty, so I have to support this, but throughout history, secessions have never had good results. Just look at the split of Rome (Not really a secession, but still an example of a divided country) that led to its fall, the stupid Confederates, which led to a needless civil war, or more recently the Crimea incident. A secession is rarely good, and requires a damn good reason, not slavery, like that of the stupid Confederates, but maybe to stop communism, or corporate dominion? Heedless of the reason, a supermajority of the population MUST agree without doubt.

  • Yes, without a doubt.

    A region in Italy-Venice, is holding a secession convention this fall, along with Scotland and Catalonia. Also, Quebec has had secession referendums, but were defeated in a popular vote. Alaska was scheduled to have an independence referendum back in 1958, and back in 2012, Puerto Rico did too.
    The right of secession may not be granted by the governments, but by the governed. George Washington did not care if secession was legal, nor Sam Houston or Jefferson Davis. It is the right of the people to decide who they should be governed by.

  • They can try.

    Many countries have gained independence from other countries that owned them. The U.S. was once parts of other nations. We either paid for or fought to get every bit of it. To the best of my knowledge, no country was just given independence and I doubt that any will in the future.

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