• Big Banks need to be broken up.

    Big Banks need to be broken up. Big Banks are able to control interest rates and the money supply and should be broken up. When a few Big Banks control the majority of the money they can drastically effect the economic. They can create artificial depressions as well as Economic booms.

  • not at all

    No, I do not think that they need to be broke up at all, and I think that they do a real good job at taking care of all of our money and that making sure it is being put to use in a way that will keep them going.

  • Big banks do not need to be broken up.

    It is wrong to think that big banks need to be broken up. If this were the case then where do you draw the line? It is unfair to say that someone's business has become too big or too powerful. As long as there are other businesses that compete and no monopoly is in place big banks should not be broken up.

  • Big banks should be regulated but not broken up

    The American banking crisis is the result of decades of loosening of regulations that have been crucial to the banking industry. Generally, the regulations that have been changed are ones that impacted profits, not operations. While many believe that the largest American banks, such as JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America, should be split apart, the best course of action would be to take sensible steps in regulating them so they must abide by rules that are in our best interests.

  • Plenty of Banks in America

    There are plenty of banks and financial institutions in America, so big banks don't need to be broken up. The only reason a big bank needs to be broken up is if it declares bankruptcy in federal court. Otherwise, free market principles should drive the market for big banks, mergers and acquisitions.

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