Do big businesses like Starbucks have a moral obligation to pull out of places like Israel?

  • Yes they do.

    Any business that has been created here in the U.S. has done so by using the freedom and rights given by those fighting for this country. It is utterly disrespectful to use these rights and freedoms then not stand up for those who gave them to you. If you prefer to create your business in another country by all means you may but you must abide by their principals. Good luck.

  • Businesses not obligated

    I feel that big businesses like starbucks do not have a moral obligation to places like Israel. The reason I feel this way is because they should focus on the helping the poor and homeless. I fee that if big companies focused in helping the poor verus always going outside the country the world would be a better place.

  • Corporations Aren't People

    The moral obligation rests with entities that can have morals - people. It is up to a consumer to support or ignore a company that doesn't practice moralistic business principles. If Starbucks chooses to operate in Israel and does so legally, that is a corporate choice. It is up to me as a consumer to decide if I will frequent Starbucks if I don't support the corporate decisions.

  • No, why would they?

    Businesses should be allowed to thrive in whatever market that they find themselves in. If however, Israel itself feels like Starbucks is becoming a hindrance to the mission-- then they should ask them to leave. But even at that point, Starbucks would be under no requirement to leave. It really is a shitty situation.

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