Do bike share programs make a significant difference for the environment?

  • Its a cool bike

    It is the greatest thing because it will help get more people fit and active it will also stop most of the pollution and takes less time to do than running or walking to your destination plus it is fun for a family to do it together in a fast manner

  • Yes: Bike Share Programs Make a Significant Difference

    If we recognize that the environment is not simply the natural world, but the interconnection between our inner world, and the outer world, bike share programs not only save material from the land fill and produce less pollution, they give people who participate in them a kind of healthy inner environment. They allow people to make a difference, and feel good about themselves in the process. This has larger, uncounted social effects that can help move society in a better direction.

  • Bike Share Programs

    I personally think that bike share programs make a significant difference for the environment because it could help the environment. I personally think that bike share programs will make a significant difference for the environment because of the economy as well as the society. I personally think that bike share programs that will help the community.

  • Not At This Time

    I can see it being possible for bike share programs to make a difference for the environment, but not at this time. I believe bike share programs are still on the rare side and even where they are they haven't been expanded to the point they need to be. The service will need to be convenient to be usable, but it can be done.

  • No, because not a lot of people do it.

    If there were more people that participated in these activities it would make a significant difference in the society and in turn in the environment, but there is no way society sacrifices automobiles and gas for bike sharing. It will not happen enough to make a significant change in our environment.

  • No, bike shares do not increase the number of people using bikes.

    No, bike share programs are not increasing the amount of bike riders on the road. If someone is really committed to riding bikes on a regular basis, he or she is willing to purchase a bicycle. This ensures the bike is always readily available, as opposed to trying to convince a bike rider to find a station nearby to procure a bike and then find a station at which to return the bike.

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