• Yes they do

    I think that bioethics issues matter more now than ever before. As we meet new breaking edge technology and we discover all sorts of new methods and ways to do things, we must always thing first if what we are doing is ethical and right. We can't just do research for the sake of research.

  • Yes It Does

    Bioethicists are concerned with the ethical questions that arise in the relationships among life sciences, biotechnology, medicine, politics, law, and philosophy. Ethics is something that the American educational system doesn't cover, but more than likely should. This may be another reason to push students to go further in their studies because a high school education just doesn't seem to cut it anymore. Ethics studies are far more common in college and I find they are very important because it is a topic rarely traversed alone. We learn how to form our own opinions, but we rarely learn how to judge our opinions against others. The world is not black and white and education in ethics can make it easier to navigate the gray areas.

  • We are accountable to each other.

    Yes, bioethical issues matter, because we are accountable to each other as a human race. We owe it to each other and to the human race to make careful decisions regarding ethics. Science cannot progress in a stable, sustainable manner without sound ethics. We need to be careful to respect all people's rights to life and dignity as we go.

  • Bioethics issues matter.

    As scientists make more discoveries in medicine and life sciences, it will be necessary to answer difficult ethical questions. It is important to use our knowledge to improve medicine, but it is also important to protect the dignity of life. Questions of bioethics should be taken seriously and considered by experts.

  • Bioethics are Important

    Without a doubt, Bioethics are an extremely important issue today. Whenever we do something involving scientific and genetic development, we need to think about how those actions will affect organisms, including human beings, in general. Not all developments would positively impact humanity in this day and age in the scientific realm.

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