Do Black Confederates change your mine on the Confederacy

Asked by: bettabreeder
  • Black Confederates Fought.

    They sure did! 30,000 blacks fought for the Confederacy by CHOICE and ARMED. A great thing about them is that they wouldn't fight for them to be enslaved but for there homeland. Blacks were treated more fairly on Southern forces than Union forces. Grant the Union General threatened to hang black Union soldiers because they didn't want to fight against the Southern black soldiers.

  • I don't care.

    I wouldn't care if the entirety of the slaves that lived in the South had fought for the South. Slavery is exploitation and coercion. It is only detrimental and painful to the human spirit.

    It doesn't change my mind on the Confederacy, they were nothing by slave-driving filth who subjugated other human beings. I'm a southerner, and I am appalled by the Confederacy and what they did to African-Americans.

    However, it doesn't change my mind on the North either. It [The Civil War] wasn't about slavery like some naive people like to think. The North was more worried that they wouldn't have access to cotton from the South. However, this doesn't justify what the South was doing to human beings.

    If anything, the Civil War was nothing but a catastrophe. Black people still weren't free even after the war. From my perspective, slavery didn't end until 1964, and we still have racial tension from the massive fumble that the Civil War, and Reconstruction were.

  • No, but nice try.

    I don't care how many blacks fought for the Confederacy. Does that make it any less a bad thing because a few thousand tokens decided to fight for the wrong side of history? I guess that somehow makes it okay because there were people who fought for the enslavement of their own people. And let's not forget that many of the blacks who fought on behalf of the Confederacy were slaves, forced to the same people that enslaved them in the first place. The Confederacy and the Confederate flag itself is a symbolism of Southern history and culture which includes bigotry, racism and the enslavement of human beings.

  • When you think about what the Civil War was about, no.

    While I would agree that it should make the layperson, who believes the Civil War was about slavery, think twice about the Confederacy, any person who has been made aware of the economic fight that was taking place would see the blacks fighting as an obvious fact. People may call these slaves "token" however, they make up a significant part of the history of the Civil War. They do not justify the act of enslavement of peoples, however it should make people think of why slaves were willing to fight. Anyone who believes they were forced to fight has obviously not studied the Civil War in-depth, and has accepted the indoctrination of the their school system. It shouldn't make you change your mind about the Confederacy (that would be done when you learn about Abraham Lincoln more) but it should make you want to think of the possible reasons why, as well as how it might relate to the treatment of slaves. Those people who believe it was all about the whipping and beating haven't read to much into it either.

  • Unbelievable. Simply incredible.

    I never thought I'd see something this incredibly dumb supported on a debating website. It's not far from saying that if a few Jewish people were suicidal at the time Hitler was justified. This is the stupidity of some of the people in this country today. People like this confirm that ignorance is bliss.

  • It's not a Black thing.

    As much as liberals want to change history, the war between the states was not about blacks and whites. So it shouldn't make any difference if Blacks fought or not. As a matter of fact, it was the Democrats who promoted slavery back then and to this day, work hard to keep minorities from obtaining the American dream and becoming successful. It was a Republican who freed the slaves and it's still the Republicans who promote the pursuit of the success instead of free handouts.
    It wasn't ever a black / white thing. The black /white thing came around in the 60's with Rosa Parks. But even then, it was a Democrat that stood at the schoolhouse door and prevented black children from entering a white school. The Civil was about "State's Rights." The states didn't appreciate the federal government encroachment, and telling them what they could and couldn't do as a state. This is becoming a problem now just as it was then and states like Texas are fighting back.

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