• I'd say they do. . .

    Of course Black Lives Matter. We can't deny that. Black opinions, Wants, Needs, Beliefs, They all matter. Of course they do. People can say that they don't like BLM, But if I ask them if Black lives matter, Let's see what these racists say. They'll try and try to make it sound like they're not racist, But it'll just be more obvious.

  • No, They don't matter.

    Blacks cause trouble wherever they live, Chicago, Detroit, L. A. , Anywhere in Africa, And anywhere in Europe. They're born criminals. They want equality, But they don't act equal to the rest of the world's inhabitants. They only think in the present moment. They don't consider their past actions, Or what they may do in the future. Like animals. Only living in the moment. They never think of the harm they're doing to anyone else, Or the pain they might cause. That's why there are so many repeat offenders. They don't think about the consequences of their actions. The world would be a better place without them.

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